SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Response To Caliberhitter, I AM NOT Joel Stone, Arie Fique, Or 222 (Post106)

2019.6.16 (AE) - Montagraph should find AryanEmpires reply interesting… this video is a **RESPONSE** to Caliberhitter regarding his false accusations, defamation, and slander, against AryanEmpires and a completely unrelated person named “Joel Stone” in Toronto, Canada… **MY NAME IS NOT JOEL STONE**Caliberhitter is now alleging that I’m also an old online troll named “Arie Fique”… he previously published articles insisting this character was “CW Wade” and claimed he PROVED this by somehow DOXing his IP number… not only this, but Caliberhitter has now falsely accused me of being involved with the “222 JB Smeary” trolling of Montagraph, when in fact the culprits are known, and they were recently named by Montagraph himself… my name was NOT on the list, because I was NOT involved, however, many of Caliberhitter’s friends and associates were the ones responsible…


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