SANDY HOOK COVENANT; **EXCLUSIVE** Nighttime Helicopter Footage, Medical Tent, Car Trunk, Shotgun

2017.4.26 (AE) - This video shows **EXCLUSIVE** nighttime helicopter footage of the Sandy Hook parking lot activity not seen since it was broadcast LIVE on the night of 2012.12.14… included is what appears to be the beginnings of the assembly of Dr. Wayne Carver’s “Magnificent Thing” Medical Tent… later you’ll see the first opening of Adam Lanza’s car trunk, followed by examination of the shotgun found inside...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; CIA PsyOps Dr. Steve Pieczenik Claims Adam Lanza Created By Yale Psychiatrists

2017.4.24 (AE) - This video shows Dr. Steve Pieczenik (CIA Agent, Military Psychologist, PsyOps Specialist) defaming the great President John F. Kennedy (JFK)Pieczenik then claims “it was a Psychiatrist at Yale that created this Adam Lazra (sic), some character that NEVER EXISTED, it was an RN Psychiatric Nurse who corroborated that the man who NEVER EXISTED was involved in Sandy Hook and killed 22 people"... I challenge Pieczenik to PROVE these preposterous allegations that Adam Lanza DID NOT exist...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Alex Jones HOAX Founder, Federal DRILL, NHS At Bowling Alley, Nuns With Guns

2017.4.20 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones was already suggesting Sandy Hook was a “Federal Drill” WITHIN 3.5 HOURS of the shootings… caller “Kevin from Connecticut” tells an odd story about going to Brookfield Lanes, at 10AM, only to find the bowling alley FULL of NHS students... he suggests they were "clearing out the High School" in preparation for the shootings… this video proves, once again, that Alex Jones is the founder, godfather, and progenitor, of Sandy Hook HOAX...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Alex Jones HOAX Founder, Claims DRILL Or STAGED Event During Shootings

2017.4.18 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones was already calling Sandy Hook a “drill”, “false flag”, or “staged event”, WITHIN FOUR HOURS of the shootings, before hardly anything was even known… this video proves Alex Jones is the founder and progenitor of Sandy Hook HOAX...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza's MediaFire Account DELETED, ‘Based On Content Found’, SCRUBBED!!



2017.4.15 (AE) - This video discusses Adam Lanza’s online computer storage “MediaFire” account… investigators claim the items found, apparently without a search warrant, were of such a nature that they wanted the account immediately DELETED, “based on content found”… they then had Peter Lanza sign a “Consent To Assume Online Identity" form to turn over the access rights to the FBI… all of the data was then apparently DELETED… there is NO indication that a copy of the data was ever backed up onto DVD-R’s, as with other evidence, and in fact THIS DATA WAS NEVER ENTERED INTO EVIDENCE in the Sandy Hook case...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza's Damaged Hard Drive(s), FBI Lab Claims Minimal Data Recovery

2017.4.10 (AE) - This video contains a RARE report about the FBI Lab claiming only minimal data recovery from Adam Lanza’s damaged, scratched, or smashed computer hard drive(s)… however, this report also discusses data recovery companies, like Kroll Advisory Solutions, who have successfully retrieved data from hard drives involved in the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion, and from drives retrieved from the 911 WTC collapsed buildingssomething does not add up...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Jonathan Reich's Legal Advisors, Toney Heart Esquire & Wolfgang Halbig 1.0 GPA

2017.4.8 (AE) - This video shows excerpts of a Sandy Hook Hoax LIVE Chat where leader Toney Heart explains how Jonathan Reich would EASILY be cleared of all charges at the 2014.9.29 hearing, all he had to do was comply with the Community Court rules he had already agreed to… Toney then explains how he and Wolfgang Halbig tried to convince Reich to use his case to gain information about Sandy Hook…


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Bus Driver Mentions BOTH Lanza Boys, Adam Is NOT Ryan, Montagraph FAIL!!

2017.4.6 (AE) - This video shows Newtown School Bus Driver Marsha Moskowitz discussing BOTH Lanza boys… more PROOF that Adam is NOT Ryan… then I play a RARE interview of Marsha Moskowitz discussing Adam Lanza riding on her bus, and she also mentions driving Dylan Hockley, his older brother, and Grace McDonnell, and her older brother...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Identification Of Man Arrested At St. Rose Of Lima, Montagraph FAILS AGAIN!!

2017.4.2 (AE) - This video shows that Montagraph is running a DISINFO campaign on the Sandy Hook research community… he's claiming one of the men arrested / detained by police at St. Rose Of Lima was Global Strategy Group (GSG) President Jefrey Pollock… in reality this person was Mike Coppola, as this channel already presented in a video on 2016.1.9… Montagraph FAILS AGAIN!!!