SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Infowars' Owen Shroyer Threatens Erica Lafferty To Protect LIAR Alex Jones

2016.11.28 (AE) - This video shows how Infowars employees, like Owen Shroyer, will LIE to defend their DISHONEST boss Alex Jones, one of the main promoters of Sandy Hook HOAX… witness Owen arrogantly give Sandy Hook victim Erica Lafferty advice, while claiming Dylann Roof was the shooter at Sandy Hook…


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; James Tracy's MemoryHoleBlog Website SCRUBBED After 'Jackie Truetown’ EXPOSED

2016.11.25 (AE) - This video discusses James Tracy’s “memoryholeblog.com” website being DELETED, NUKED, SCRUBBED less than two days after my “Jackie Truetown” video EXPOSED her as a Connecticut State Judicial Employee… and James Tracy was hosting her “Duke Reichert” penned DISINFO articles about Sandy Hook on his website… coincidence???


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'Jackie Truetown’, CT Judicial Employee, Parole Officer & HOAX Lies Promoter

2016.11.21 (AE) - The following documentary proves that “Jackie Truetown” (AKA “Duke Reichert”) had intimate ties and communications with the very highest level members of the "Sandy Hook HOAX” group (ie, David Weiss, Day Williams, James Tracy, Thomas Lapp, and Toney Heart)… writing as "Duke Reichert” she was the creator of some of the most outlandish and unsubstantiated Sandy Hook HOAX theories ever imagined... she was also listed as one of the main members of the "Sandy Hook Justice” group (ie, Jackie Truetown, Jim Fetzer, William Shanley, and Wolfgang Halbig)… this video provides evidence indicating that the State Of Connecticut, with help from Federal Agencies, was either infiltrating these groups, or running these groups, and therefore participated in the promotion of Sandy Hook “HOAX” theories, and the harassment and intimidation of victims and whistleblowers...