WAR ON SYRIA; Israeli Submarine Strike On Port Of Latakia, To Destroy Russian Anti Ship Missiles & Help Syrian Rebels Who Are Losing War

July 14, 2013 (AE) - Here's another example of Israel supporting the Syrian Rebels (ie, Al Qaeda's Al Nusra Front, NATO's Free Syrian Army (FSA)) while at the same time Israel claims they're concerned about radical jihadist Al Qaeda and also claim "we are not intervening in Syria's bloody war".  There are many examples of Israel's support for Al Qaeda and Israeli troops operating inside of Syria... see my previous article here.

CNN's Pentagon correspondent Barbara "5 Pointed Inverted" Starr appears to have got it wrong again... it was not an Israeli airstrike but rather an Israeli submarine missile strike on the port of Latakia on July 5.

This is Israel's fourth unprovoked strike on Syria in the last 6 months... all clearly acts of war... just how many attacks will Israel be allowed before there is a justifiable retaliation, or war simple breaks out???

The UN's peace loving "International Community" is predictably silent as usual.

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WAR ON SYRIA; Chemical Weapons Lab Discovered, Saudi Labelled Chemicals Loaded Into Munitions By Syrian Rebels For Planned Attack On Damascus, NATO WAR CRIMES

July 14, 2013 (AE) - The not so secret "Coalition Of The Terrorists" (ie, Britain, Croatia, France, Jordan, Qatar, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey & the US) has just suffered another major setback in Syria... a Chemical Weapons facility in Jobar Syria, run by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) mercenary terrorists, has been discovered loading munitions with chemicals labelled from Saudi Arabia, in preparation for a massive Chemical Weapons attack on Damascus.

This attack would have killed thousands of people... clearly another NATO war crime in the making.

Previously Sarin Gas was being stored inside Turkey, but Erdogan's apparent refusal to go along with NATO's plans for Chemical Weapons attacks on Syria, demonstrated by his raid on their facility, was immediately followed by Erdogan being thrown under the bus by NATO, and the anti Erdogan protests then began in Turkey... see my exclusive previous article here.

So when will the International Criminal Court (ICC) begin investigations into the many war crimes already perpetrated by NATO inside Syria, as outlined in my previous article here, and now these latest revelations of a planned massive Chemical Weapons attack on Damascus???

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WAR ON LEAKERS; Military Prosecutors Link Bradley Manning To Al Qaeda Via Adam Gadahn's Use Of WikiLeaks Data In Video

July 1, 2013 (AE) - Bradley Manning is being charged with "Espionage" and "Aiding The Enemy", among other things, just because the Jewish American Al Qaeda member Adam Gadahn (AKA Adam Pearlman) used a video clip allegedly obtained from WikiLeaks???

This is very weak evidence, but prosecutors also claim they have evidence Osama Bin Laden was looking at WikiLeaks data too... completely laughable.

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