ALEX JONES EXPOSED; Nazi Haircut Stabbing FAKE News, Joshua Witt LIED, Infowars Pushes HOAX

2017.8.31 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones and his Infowars crew, including Paul Joseph Watson, like to pimp racially divisive stories about vicious “attacks on Whites” by “crazed leftist Blacks”, but when it turns out the “Nazi Haircut” attack story was a “HOAX”, and the perpetrator Joshua Witt was arrested, well, the Infowars crew doesn’t even bother to speak or write a retraction informing their gullible viewers about the “FAKE NEWS” they were fed...


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; Claims ‘CRISIS ACTORS’, Ignores KKK Arrested For Shooting Gun In Charlottesville

2017.8.29 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones has completely ignored the HUGE news story that Maryland KKK Imperial Wizard Richard Preston was arrested for discharging / shooting a gun towards a Black protester during the Charlottesville Virginia “Unite The Right” rally and counter demonstrations… the ACLU provided video of this incident to the FBI on 2017.8.17, and then released it to the public on 2017.8.26... somehow Infowars has chosen to completely ignored this important news story...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; **EXCLUSIVE** ‘Parents SHOOTING IT OUT’, ‘NO Children Shot', NO Check In Sign

2017.8.26 (AE) - This video shows **EXCLUSIVE** early footage at the Sandy Hook Firehouse… news reports mention some very strange things like, “NO children were involved”, and, “two parents were SHOOTING IT OUT”


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; Blames JEWS For ‘HEIL TRUMP' Nazi Right Arm Salutes By Alt Right Richard Spencer

2017.8.24 (AE) - This video shows Alex Jones Infowars running cover for Alt Right leader Richard Spencer’s “Heil Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”, accompanied by Nazi Right Arm Salutes, during his National Policy Institute (NPI) Conference speech in Washington DC on 2016.11.19AJ actually has the nerve to claim “it was the Jews there heiling Hitler”… listen to Richard Spencer’s own racist White Supremacist words, and you decide if the “Heil Trump” and Right Arm Salutes weren’t Nazi / Roman Empire inspired...


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; David Duke & Infowars Run Same LIES To Protect Charlottesville Car Attack Murder

2017.8.22 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones' Infowars, associated YouTube channels, and David Duke, are ALL pushing the same DISINFO and LIES in order to deflect blame away from the Alt Right KKK Nazi White Supremacists who are directly responsible for the intentional car attack murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville...


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; Gets OWNED On Streets Of Seattle, Nazi Brownshirt RAGE, Kill Me LIKE CHRIST!!

2017.8.18 (AE) - This video shows Alex Jones getting OWNED on the streets of Seattle by THREE different people!!AJ chases down the 1st guy, like some kind of Nazi Brownshirt, the 2nd guy throws coffee on him, and the 3rd guy says, “I don’t talk to racist f*cks”THANK YOU SEATTLE!!!


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; KKK Nazi White Supremacist Crimes Against Blacks & Jews Are HOAXES, Sandy Hook

2017.8.17 (AE) - This video shows Alex Jones' many links to Nazi White Supremacists, including David Duke, Don Black, Jeff Rense, Jim Fetzer, and Ron PaulAJ is now running cover for the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally Nazi murderers by claiming that “CRISIS ACTORS” were hired to create the CHAOS… it must be pure coincidence that ALL of these people are rabid Trump supporters...


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; 'Dark Sky’ 90% WILL DIE!!, Secret EMP Satellite Weapon, Distraction For Trump

2017.8.15 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones is back to his Y2K level of FEAR PORN… he’s now promoting “Dark Sky” fears of a massive power outage across the US due to a super secret "EMP Satellite Weapon” that he claims the super evil “Commies” of North Korea have installed on their satellites… AJ has NO proof of this ridiculous theory, yet he is willing to call for PREEMPTIVE NUCLEAR WAR in order to destroy this invisible menace… like during Y2K, AJ is intentionally attempting to create MASS PANIC, this time to distract from Trump’s very serious, and TREASONOUS, legal issues which show collusion with the Russians...


911 REDUX; **EXCLUSIVE** New Evidence PROOF Flights AA 11 & 77 NOT Scheduled In BTS Database

2017.8.11 (AE) - This video presents **EXCLUSIVE** evidence PROVING that 911 Flights AA 11 & 77 were NOT listed in the Bureau Of Transportation Statistics (BTS) database as of 2004.7.x… shortly after these records were changed… detailed screenshots of various searches are shown for 911 Flights UA 93 & 175, which existed in full, and this is compared to similar searches for Flights AA 11 & 77, which DO NOT exist… some analysis and opinion is given at the end, including the fact that suppressing this flight data is AGAINST THE LAW


2012.1.x Evidence 911 AA Flights 11 & 77 Did Not Exist By Peter Meyer:



SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Is NOT Ryan Lanza, Proofs Of Existence, Witnesses List

2017.8.5 (AE) - This video presents a list of witnesses, over various time periods, showing multiple PROOFS that Adam Lanza could NOT possibly be his older brother Ryan... unsubstantiated theories continue to be pushed by DISINFO agents on YouTube in order to keep "HOAX" alive… also discussed is how the investigators have clearly assisted “HOAX” by withholding nearly ALL evidence of Adam’s existence