ALEX JONES EXPOSED; KKK Nazi White Supremacist Crimes Against Blacks & Jews Are HOAXES, Sandy Hook

2017.8.17 (AE) - This video shows Alex Jones' many links to Nazi White Supremacists, including David Duke, Don Black, Jeff Rense, Jim Fetzer, and Ron PaulAJ is now running cover for the Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally Nazi murderers by claiming that “CRISIS ACTORS” were hired to create the CHAOS… it must be pure coincidence that ALL of these people are rabid Trump supporters...


  1. Where can We watch the "old" deleted videos, If we can, Joel?

    1. Hi She's Not There,
      This is "the dance" I'm trying to perfect, and this is a great example.
      This video never received a strike, the channel was just take down, and they really didn't explain why they seemed insistent on that... so do I assume this vid was "okay", and just reupload it onto YouTube, or do I take the blog only approach, which probably gets a lot less viewers.
      This is the problem, the rules are ambiguous... and really, how could anyone received a strike criticizing Alex Jones when all he does is slander people 24/7, and he's allowed by YouTube to MONETIZE his nonstop defamations!!!
      So my answer is, I'll be slowly bringing back videos in a variety of ways that cannot be anticipated ;)