SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Vs. Ryan Lanza DMV Photo Identification, Primary Driver (Post166)

2020.4.28 (AE) - This video discusses the fact that Adam Lanza’s car was registered to Nancy, as his guardian, but the car insurance would have listed Adam as the “Primary Driver” when the police accessed the DMV information… therefore the Newtown Police (NPD) would have know IMMEDIATELY who the driver was, and they would have had instant access to his DMV photo to identify him… Ryan’s name would have NEVER come up in ANY relation to Adam’s car, so this further strengthens my opinion that Ryan’s name was intentionally leaked to the media…


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Why Aren’t You Afraid Of The Regular Flu Virus?, Death Rate Math Does NOT Lie (Post165)

2020.4.2 (AE) - This video discusses statistics showing death rates of Regular Flu Virus vs. C-Virus...


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