SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'FAIL Troll Trifecta', Deception, LIES & Flagging Bitches, HOAX & WHOR-NR

2017.3.31 (AE) - This video discusses the “FAIL Troll Trifecta”, made up of Caliberhitter, Montagraph, and Agent19… they flagged down my last video which PROVED they were 100% WRONG about their claims against me… also, why is Montagraph obsessed with pathetically trying to prove that “ADAM = RYAN”, and why does he support a SERIAL LIAR named Wolfgang Halbig, who refuses to release the “hundreds of school Work Orders” he received, via FOIA requests, which would PROVE the Sandy Hook School was FULLY OPERATING...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Incompetent LIARS & Cyber Terrorists, Caliberhitter, Montagraph & Agent19


2017.3.28 (AE) - One of the top DISINFO AGENTS and TROLLS on YouTube, “Caliberhitter", has accused me of “trolling as a mass murdering serial killer” him and his fellow INTERNET STALKERS “Montagraph” and “Agent19”… this video PROVES his claims are NOT true… “Caliberhitter” also continues to claim that I’m a man in Toronto Canada, and therefore he and his fellow TROLLS have been HARASSING and STALKING an innocent man and his family… this is because they are CYBER TERRORISTS...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Neighbor Mentions BOTH Lanza Boys, Adam Is NOT Ryan, Montagraph FAIL!!

2017.3.25 (AE) - This video PROVES that Monograph’s claims that “Adam is Ryan” can NOT possibly be true… many witnesses have commented about BOTH Lanza boys… this video shows a rare clip of a Lanza neighbor discussing BOTH Adam and Ryan...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'Jewish Trifecta', Cuomo, Malloy, Reich, Montagraph FAILS AGAIN!!

2017.3.23 (AE) - Once again Montagraph has made an extraordinary claim regarding Sandy Hook… this time he says there is a mysterious “Jewish Trifecta” linked to Jonathan Reich’s legal problems… according to Montagraph this “Jewish Trifecta” is made up of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, and the accused Jonathan Reich… the only problem with this theory is both Cuomo and Malloy are ROMAN CATHOLICthis is truly an EPIC FAIL!!!


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; ‘Peter Lanza Wrote Wrong Birth Date In April 1996', Montagraph FAILS Again!!

2017.3.21 (AE) - This video shows that Montagraph's poor researching skills have lead him to claim a document he’s presented (which he doesn’t know the origins of) is from a FOIA Request (WRONG), and he then draws MANY inaccurate conclusions… for example; Montagraph claims Peter Lanza filled out a form “in his own handwriting” (WRONG), in “April of 1996” (WRONG), on which he wrote (WRONG) Adam Lanza’s birth date incorrectly as 1988.4.10, which is actually Ryan Lanza’s birth date (TRUE)… these compounded errors have lead Montagraph to conclude that "ADAM = RYAN"… WRONG AGAIN!!


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza Seen At School Day Before By Letter Carrier Postman?, Altercation?

2017.3.18 (AE) - This video describes an incident that occurred inside Sandy Hook School THE DAY BEFORE the massacre, where USPS Letter Carrier David Link “noticed a person by the cafeteria and vestibule area, pacing and acting nervous and suspicious”… this agitated white male teenager "seemed to stare at Link for an unusual amount of time”Link could neither confirm nor deny if this was Adam Lanza, because he was NEVER interviewed by the police, and NEVER shown a proper up to date DMV blowback photo of Adam Lanza…


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 100% PROOF Adam Lanza Was Kaynbred, Montagraph FAILS Again!!

2017.3.14 (AE) - This video shows 100% PROOF that Adam Lanza DID use the user name “Kaynbred” in a number of online forums and social media accounts… this video is in response to ImYourGhost / Montagraph’s unprovoked attacks on my channel, and his ridiculous claims that just because a “gamer in Los Angeles" uses the same handle of “Kaynbred” this somehow means that Adam Lanza was NOT “Kaynbred”… his unsound theory is absolutely WRONG, and this is PROVEN using LEGAL FACTS called “SEARCH WARRANTS"...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza's Driver's License Photo CONFIRMED

2017.3.12 (AE) - This video IDENTIFIES exactly which Adam Lanza photo was from his Driver’s License issued and stored by the Connecticut DMV… this information will be important in upcoming videos...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Norwalk 'Project Safe Neighborhoods’ 2012.12.12, Mass Shooting Two Days Later


2017.3.8 (AE) - Adam & Nancy Lanza were “Informants" on criminal gang activity in Norwalk Connecticut, these activities involved drug running and gun running illegally modified weapons… the Federal government’s "Project Safe Neighborhoods" (PSN) program is designed to target EXACTLY those areas using “PSN Anti Gang Task Forces” comprised of; Local Police, Connecticut State Police (CSP), the BATF, DEA, and the FBI, all operating under the Department Of Justice (DoJ).
This video shows the City of Norwalk's announcement officially joining the Federal "Project Safe Neighborhoods" (PSN) program on December 12, 2012… two days later there was a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School...

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), Connecticut:



SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Jonathan Reich In Hartford Jail, No Calls, No Visits, No Videos, Real Or HOAX?

2017.3.2 (AE) - Jonathan Reich was supposedly TRANSFERRED from Rikers Island to Hartford Correctional Center on 2017.2.24… we’ve yet to see any NEW mugshots from either facility, how odd… and after one entire week in Connecticut not a single Sandy Hook HOAX “friend" has posted a video of a phone call or visit to Reich...