SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Incompetent LIARS & Cyber Terrorists, Caliberhitter, Montagraph & Agent19 (Post204)

2021.1.24.2 (AE) - This blog Post204 is the REBIRTH of a very important video… below is the original blog post description, original link, and new video files...

2017.3.28 (AE) - One of the top DISINFO AGENTS and TROLLS on YouTube, “Caliberhitter", has accused me of “trolling as a mass murdering serial killer” him and his fellow internet stalkers “Montagraph” and “Agent19”… this video PROVES his claims are NOT true… “Caliberhitter” also continues to claim that I'm a man in Toronto Canada, and therefore he and his fellow TROLLS have been harassing and stalking an innocent man and his family… this is because they are CYBER TERRORISTS...


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