SANDY HOOK; Teacher Involuntarily Committed Over Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories; Internet, Mental Health & Gun Rights LINKED

2014.6.18 (AE) - Veteran Sandy Hook researcher Odinrok discovered a very important news article yesterday.  I left a comment on his video which is worth repeating here.

This is Fascism 101.. note that in all the recent bizarre shootings, including Sandy Hook, we see three components:

1.  Internet (trying to justify the illegal spying on everyone to protect us)
2.  Mental Health (trying to justify mental screening of everyone, sometimes based on internet monitoring)
3.  Gun Rights (trying to justify gun rights based on 1 & 2)

This is a VERY IMPORTANT story… see Odinrok's video and link to original article below…

 2014.6.17 IMPORTANT, Teacher Involuntarily Committed Over Sandy Hook Theories (odinrok, youtube.com):


2014.6.17 Fox Lane Teacher Accused Of Calling Newtown A Conspiracy Sues District (Adam Heller, Teacher Posed A Risk 'Due To Apparent Mental Illness', District Said) (lohud.com):



SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Death Threats To Parents Trying To File Lawsuits, Lawyers Warned NOT To File Suits

2014.6.1 (AE) - The mystery of why no lawsuits have been filed by the parents of the Sandy Hook Massacre is because the only known attempt was met by death threats… yes, death threats to the parents via their lawyer.

The Connecticut state "Gatekeeper", Claims Commissioner Paul Vance Jr., could not allow ANY lawsuits whatsoever to be brought forth... lawsuits allow discovery, the collection and freezing of the evidence, and this would expose the tremendous number of problems with the official Sandy Hook narrative.

The following video reviews the only attempt at launching a legal case, the immediate attacks on the lawyer, who would not disclose his client's name, and the clear warning sent out to all lawyers by the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA).


**WATCH AT 720P HD**


**WATCH AT 720P HD**