WAR ON LEAKERS; Ex Four Star General Under Criminal Investigation For Stuxnet LEAK To Media, Another Obama Espionage & Media Scandal!!

"According to legal sources, Retired Marine Gen. James “Hoss” Cartwright, the former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has received a target letter informing him that he’s under investigation for allegedly leaking information about a massive attack using a computer virus named Stuxnet on Iran’s nuclear facilities.  Gen. Cartwright, 63, becomes the latest individual targeted over alleged leaks by the Obama administration, which has already prosecuted or charged eight individuals under the Espionage Act." - NBC

June 27, 2013 (AE) - Just add this to the list of Obama scandals, if you can keep up...

This is yet another example of illegal "internet espionage" (ie, cyber attacks, cyber warfare, internet spying) by the US government, that when exposed, causes the government to viciously attack the so called "leaker" with threats of possible criminal charges under the Espionage Act (how ironic), and additionally there's an attempt to ridicule and threaten the media organization which published the story, in hopes of media silence in the future.

Nixon is rolling in his grave with glee...

2013.6.27 Four Star General Close To Obama Under Investigation For Leaking Info About Cyber Attack On Iran (James Cartwright) (NBC, MOXNEWS, youtube.com):

 June 27, 2013 MSNBC News

See NBC article below...


EXCLUSIVE; Turkey's Erdogan Didn't Follow NATO's Orders To Attack Syria, Protests Are 'Foreign Conspiracy', EU Membership Blocked

"They have thrown a shadow on Turkey's image, stained Turkey's international power.  Now they are trying to play the same game in Brazil... the game is the same, the symbols are the same, the banners are the same, Twitter and Facebook are being used the same way, and the international media reacts the same; they are being operated from the same centre." - Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan

June 25, 2013 (AE) - The international media's well coordinated about face on their previously lauded golden boy Erdogan was immediate, and very noticeable.  This lead me to review the timeline of some critical events leading up to Erdogan's apparent fall from NATO's grace...


  • 2013.5.11 Reyhanli Turkey Car Bombings (Syrian border, 51 killed, 140 injured, attempt is made to blame Syrian government, no proof) [1]
  • 2013.5.16 Erdogan & Obama Meeting In Washington DC ('Assad must go', but another likely topic is, why didn't you take our Reyhanli "cue" and invade Syria?, ERDOGAN TAKES STAND OPPOSING CHEMICAL WEAPONS) [2]
  • 2013.5.27 Turkey's Raid On Al Qaeda's Al Nusra Front Members In Adana Turkey (2 Kg of chemical weapon "Sarin Gas" seized, group has links to the Reyhanli Turkey Car Bombings of 2013.5.11) [3] [4]
  • 2013.5.28 Turkey's Protests Against Erdogan Begin (Istanbul's Taksim Gezi Park sit in, one day after raid on Al Nusra Front found Sarin Gas, 12 days after Erdogan's meeting with Obama) [5]
  • 2013.6.6 Erdogan Claims "Foreign Agents" & "Foreign Conspiracy" Behind Turkey Riots (Facebook, Twitter & Spies; even Russia's media ridicules Erdogan for this claim [6], but it's the exact same CIA backed blueprint used for "Operation Arab Spring", The Revolution Business) [7]
  • 2013.6.22 Turkey's EU Membership Talks Blocked By Germany & Netherlands (scheduled for 2013.6.26, postponed until 2013.10.x, excuse of "concerns over Turkey's handling of anti government protests") [8]
  • 2013.6.23 Erdogan Again Claims "Foreign Agents" & "Foreign Conspiracy" Behind Turkey Riots (same game being played on Brazil, same symbols, same banners, same international media) [9]

The timeline of events above leads me to speculate the following...

Erdogan missed his NATO cue to intervene in Syria after the devastating Reyhanli bombings, he was then summoned to Washington DC to explain himself to Obama, then during his Washington statement Erdogan publicly rejects the use of chemical weapons in Syria, 11 days later Erdogan raids Al Nusra Front's cache of Sarin Gas at Adana Turkey, the following day protests begin in Turkey against Erdogan, this is clearly a threat, Erdogan even claims the protests are a "foreign conspiracy", the protests continue, now further punishment has been provided by Germany and the Netherlands to block Turkey's scheduled EU membership talks.

By saying this I am in no way supporting Erdogan, for he has made many great errors by participating in NATO's covert war on Syria, and therefore alienating his own people.  This is inexcusable, and the actions within Syria amount to war crimes, however, it must be noted that Erdogan appears to have limits, and the timeline indicates that he refused to participate in a large Sarin Gas attack inside Syria, and instead seized those chemical weapons, and likely prevented an attack that would have been blamed on the Syrian government in order to trigger Obama's "Red Line", which has now been trigger by very dubious means.

See sources and videos below...


INTERNET FASCISM; 'NSA Is Collecting Everything, ALL DATA, Information Is Being STORED INDEFINITELY, They're Lying'

"There's a lot of disinformation going on... I've always said that the situation is much worse... they're basically not telling the truth about what's going on... the situation is much worse than what's going on, that we know... well for instance, NSA today is collecting everything, including content, of every digital communication in this country, both computer and phone, and that information is being stored indefinitely, and that's something they're lying about, and that facility out there in Utah is online right now." - Russell Tice, Ex US Air Force Intelligence Agent

June 22, 2013 (AE) - There have now been three whistleblowers, from HIGHER positions than Edward Snowden, who have come out over the years and exposed that the NSA is collecting ALL DATA, that's everything, including analog data as well.  The three significant NSA whistleblowers I'm aware of are:

My point here is that the media has been strongly promoting a "Metadata only" meme since the very beginning of the latest NSA Spying Scandal.  Why has the mainstream media emphasized the innocence of the NSA by claiming they've been tracking "Metadata only", to protect us from "the terrorists", when it's well established from previous NSA whistleblowers that the NSA has been collecting and storing ALL DATA from all sources???

This is why I've been suspicious of Edward Snowden from the very beginning... he's told us nothing new, and he's avoided the elephant in the computer room...

See Russell Tice interview below...


WAR ON JOURNALISTS; Michael Hastings Dead, Contacted WikiLeaks Attorney Hours Before His Death, Said FBI Was Investigating Him

June 19, 2013 (AE) - This story just keeps getting worse... now add a pinch of the FBI, WikiLeaks, and possibly the NSA Spying Scandal...

2013.6.19 Hours Before His Death Michael Hastings Contacted WikiLeaks Attorney, Said FBI Was Investigating Him (Young Turks, MOXNEWS, youtube.com):


 June 19, 2013 Current TV News

WAR ON JOURNALISTS; Michael Hastings Dead, 'It Sounded Like A Bomb Went Off'

June 19, 2013 (AE) - Like I said in my previous article here, engines just don't fly out of cars and end up 200 feet away...

See new video of witnesses below...

WAR ON JOURNALISTS; Michael Hastings Dead, Criticize Afghan War, Get McChrystal Fired, Trash Petraeus, Die In Exploding Car

June 19, 2013 (AE) - Investigative reporter Michael Hastings has died in a very suspicious and fiery car crash, or more likely explosion, in the early hours of June 18 in Los Angeles.

This was the same day as the "NATO's handover of security to Afghan forces" supposedly occurred, which more accurately should have been called the "handover of insecurity", since it was greeted with a predictable bombing.

Michael Hastings was highly critical of the Afghanistan War, those who promoted it, and those who profited from it... Hastings' article for Rolling Stone got General Stanley McChrystal fired, he later trashed General David Petraeus for running death squads to increase sectarian violence, and he more recently trashed Obama for his drone program.  One of Hastings most dangerous articles exposed how the US Army was using a "PsyOps Team" to manipulate Senators during their visits to Afghanistan. Hastings' final article for BuzzFeed was titled "Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans".

Michael Hastings had obviously made many enemies within the US military, so his death by intense fiery car explosion, that left his car engine some 200 feet away from the crash site, a complete impossibility, means this needs to be rigorously investigated... that is, if we have any reporters left...

See disturbing video below...


WAR ON SYRIA; Ex Foreign Minister Of France, 'Britain Planned War On Syria Two Years Before Unrest Broke Out'

“I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business.  I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria.  This was in Britain not in America.  Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria.” - Roland Dumas, Ex Foreign Minister Of France

June 16, 2013 (AE) - This is further proof that it is Britain calling the shots on the anti Muslim wars of genocide raging throughout the Middle East... Obama, like his cousin Bush, is simply another loyal servant of the British Empire.

I will never defend Israel's many war crimes, however, after Dumas reveals his bombshell information he then somehow lays the blame on Israel, which is nothing more than a British / US military base installed to divide the region and create chaos and war.

Israel should be more accurately named "The State Of British Israel"... since it was created to support the idea of British Israelism.


FASCISM RISING; America, 'You Want To Change The Whole Mood Of This Country Have A Couple Terrorist Attacks', TERRORISM AS TECHNIQUE

"I want to quote David Simon, former reporter, he's the creator of "The Wire" on HBO... he likens this, not only just to try to find the needle in the haystack, this is trying to identify the needles before they're placed in the haystack." - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek [PreCrime - Joel]

June 15, 2013 (AE) - No one is questioning that the supposed "NSA Whistleblower" Edward Snowden just happens to be a Libertarian, one of the main target groups of the IRS Scandal?... or that the story broke from Hong Kong just as Obama was meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jingping to discuss Cyber Warfare??... or that the recent terror attacks in Boston and Woolwich have been blamed on "Self Radicalization" via the internet??? ... sorry, I don't believe in coincidence theories.

Coincidence theories like Lee Harvey Oswald just happened to be a Communist???  Well let me correct that, Oswald was a completely FAKE Communist, who's persona was created by the CIA as part of their covert "False Defector Program".

The same Fascists who created the bogus "Communists are everywhere" AKA "Red Scare", of 1919 to 1920 and the late 1940's through the 1950's, are the same Fascists (ie, NeoCons, and now NeoLibs) who have created and perpetuated the bogus "Muslim terrorists hate us for our freedoms and want to kill you and your family" AKA "Muslim Scare" starting with the completely CIA manufactured "911 Terrorist Attacks" of 2001 which were supposedly carried out by evil Muslims, most of whom were brought into the US by the CIA, trained at US military bases, had US government issued credit cards, were on the US government payroll, and were all likely CIA assets.

The statement in the video below, "you want to change the whole mood of this country have a couple terrorist attacks go off", perfectly describes the purpose of allowing and/or manufacturing terror attacks... it's an excuse to "change the country".... from Freedom to Fascism.


FASCISM RISING; Greece, State Run Media Shutdown For Austerity, 'Public TV Only Goes Dark During Coups & Foreign Occupations', EU Denies Involvement

"What we experienced yesterday was unprecedented, not only for Greece but for all of Europe.  Public television goes dark only in two circumstances:  when a country is occupied by foreign forces or when there is a coup." - Alexis Tsipras, SYRIZA Party Leader

"They want to shut down ERT in order to manipulate the media as it suits them.  They want to take full control all the mass media." - Yiorgos Savvides, Greek Journalists' Union Confederation

June 14, 2013 (AE) - The next thing to occur in Greece will be the government claiming that they can no longer afford to print Greek language school books, and the children will have to learn to speak German!!

If such a thing to were to occur, and that was a joke, the Golden Dawn neo Nazi fascists would cheer it on as nationalistic (while playing German music), just as the Golden Dawn is currently cheering on the destruction of the Greek public broadcasting ERT.

This is part of the EU's moves to "control" all European media, in every country... to "control" the narrative, to "censor" ALL information... as all EU member states fall like economic dominoes, and get absorbed into the new Holy Roman Empire 4.0 (ie, The Fourth Reich).

Here are videos of the latest EU stripping of Greece...


INTERNET FASCISM; NSA Spying Scandal Far Worse, Original NSA Whistleblower Says ALL DATA Is Vacuumed Into NSA System, Up to 40 Companies

"Q:  What does the Patriot Act mean to American freedoms?  A:  It means we donʼt have any.  Itʼs setting up a totalitarian state.  When the government has that much information, they can use the IRS to intimidate people or anything else.  They can send the FBI at people, like they did to me and some others.  So thatʼs the power that the government has – they have the power of the gun and the force and if they have the knowledge about you then they can start to use that against you – especially if you donʼt agree with the policies that theyʼre setting up." - William Binney, NSA Whistleblower

June 12, 2013 (AE) - When the Associated Press (AP) Wiretapping Scandal first broke in the news I found it incredibly odd that the AP was not aware that ALL DATA, not just phone numbers, has been collected since the original AT&T NSA Wiretapping Scandal was exposed in 2006.

If the AP, and every other media company in the world, were actually doing their jobs they would have been out in front exposing this completely illegal secret wiretapping program, that then morphed into Bush's "Terrorist Surveillance Program", once it was discovered.  So the AP is now concerned about being spied on?  Where the hell have they been for 7 years???

The purpose of this article was to emphasize that the NSA Spying Scandal 2013 is FAR WORSE than it's being portrayed in the media that... ALL DATA is being collected from ALL SOURCES... and this data collection program has become much worse under Obama.

William Binney, the original NSA whistleblower, who exposed the NSA's complete data vacuuming program in December 2012, has just done a new barn burner interview today... both MUST SEE videos are below...


IRISH HOLOCAUST; Britain Continues Coverup Of Intentional Irish Genocide With More 'Potato Famine' Propaganda

June 11, 2013 (AE) - The latest British state run media BBC propaganda is not worthy of posting, but I will provide the link here as a reference:

2013.5.20 Irish Potato Famine Pathogen Identified (bbc.co.uk):


One purpose for exposing this horribly racist and genocidal event is to gain some insight into the mentality of the people in charge of the British Empire today... this may help explain their apparent lack of concern for the mass slaughters and torture they've been perpetuating, country after country, throughout the Middle East.

For the unbelievable truth about the so called "Irish Potato Famine", see the following...


BATMAN SHOOTINGS; James Holmes Sent Email To Theatre FOUR DAYS AFTER Shootings, 'I Am Coming Over To Finish HIS Job, THE MASTER Demands It'


June 4, 2013 (AE) - James Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity today... but that's not the big story.

Something was revealed today that is getting VERY little coverage by the mainstream media... in fact I've only been able to find one written article that even mentions it, see NBC article below, and only by pure chance did I happen to notice details, scrolled only once, on the CNN ticker of a completely unrelated video clip.

These are strange and important details being suppressed by the mainstream media rather than sensationalized as they usually do... why would that be?... is it because this highly complicates the official story???

It's possible that James Holmes arranged to send a delayed email (CNN says emails plural), but this still leaves a limited number of problematic scenarios and questions:

  • Holmes arranged to send a delayed email... why four days later???... how would he know "the job" wasn't "finished"???
  • Someone else accessed Holmes' email account... this would be a huge security failure and would compromise evidence.
  • Why is Holmes speaking in the third person by referring to "his job"???... this suggests a second person is involved.
  • Who is "The Master" who "demands it"???... this suggests a third person commanding the first two.
  • Term "The Master" suggests an occult connection... Satan is often referred to as "The Master" in occult writings... are we now looking at a Satanism connection like with so many other mass murderers???

You can see the CNN Ticker info at 1:10 into the otherwise completely unrelated video clip below...

WAR ON MUSLIMS; US Citizens TORTURED Overseas & Forced To Become FBI Informants; Boston Bombings Link?

"An American Muslim who was detained in the UAE is now suing the US government for the part he believes it played in his arrest and alleged torture.  33 year old Yonas Fikre claims that he spent more than three months in detention in the UAE back in 2011... he says it was ochestrated by the FBI because he refused to become an informant at the mosque that he attended in Portland, Oregon... beyond the detention and torture Yonas, who was a naturalized US Citizen, says he has also been on the 'No Fly List' for years and has been prevented from coming back to the US... all this he says as a way to force him to help the FBI... he is the fourth American Muslim from Portland to claim that the FBI tortured him." - RT

June 4, 2013 (AE) - The press release and videos below contain all the information you need to know... innocent US Citizens are being tortured, under the direction of the FBI, to coerce them into becoming FBI informants when they finally return to the US.  Being put on the 'No Fly List' is used as an initial and/or secondary threat.


May I also suggest that that the alleged Boston Bombings suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was likely involved in such a situation, and his friend Ibragim Todashev, who was killed "execution style" by the FBI, was likely the victim of such a situation.

I'll have more on that later, but for now, the lawsuit and videos...