WAR ON JOURNALISTS; Michael Hastings Dead, Criticize Afghan War, Get McChrystal Fired, Trash Petraeus, Die In Exploding Car

June 19, 2013 (AE) - Investigative reporter Michael Hastings has died in a very suspicious and fiery car crash, or more likely explosion, in the early hours of June 18 in Los Angeles.

This was the same day as the "NATO's handover of security to Afghan forces" supposedly occurred, which more accurately should have been called the "handover of insecurity", since it was greeted with a predictable bombing.

Michael Hastings was highly critical of the Afghanistan War, those who promoted it, and those who profited from it... Hastings' article for Rolling Stone got General Stanley McChrystal fired, he later trashed General David Petraeus for running death squads to increase sectarian violence, and he more recently trashed Obama for his drone program.  One of Hastings most dangerous articles exposed how the US Army was using a "PsyOps Team" to manipulate Senators during their visits to Afghanistan. Hastings' final article for BuzzFeed was titled "Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans".

Michael Hastings had obviously made many enemies within the US military, so his death by intense fiery car explosion, that left his car engine some 200 feet away from the crash site, a complete impossibility, means this needs to be rigorously investigated... that is, if we have any reporters left...

See disturbing video below...

2013.6.18 Journalist Michael Hastings Dies In Fiery Wreck, Hollywood, RAW FOOTAGE (LAnewsLOUDLABS, youtube.com):


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