SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Wolfgang Halbig's Insurrection & Sedition Against US Government Based On LIES

2016.10.29 (AE) - This video shows that Wolfgang Halbig is encouraging INSURRECTION & SEDITION against the US government based on LIES about the Sandy Hook event… Wolfgang KNOWS he’s promoting LIES, he has the documents, yet he continues to deceive his viewers, because that’s his job… he's an operative, installed by Jim Fetzer, his job is to promote HOAX at all costs…


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; ‘Homicide Investigator’ Wolfgang Halbig ‘Assigned To President Nixon’!!

2016.10.27 (AE) - It’s amazing how Wolfgang Halbig, a one year veteran of the Florida State Police, could have been elevated to the level of “Homicide Investigator”... AND... “assigned Special Detail to President Nixon”... both of which HE himself has claimed…… wow, Toney Heart of the Sandy Hook HOAX Group has chosen (ie, been assigned) a bonafide "HERO" to lead his crew of "ex" cons, "ex" military, and intelligence agents, to push the Fed sponsored HOAX scam at all costs, in order to COVERUP what really happened at Sandy Hook...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; ‘TwinsOrNot' FAULTY Face Matching Site, HowISee & Toney Heart FAIL

2016.10.23 (AE) - This video shows how three YouTubers; “Angel Colon”(AKA ZeeRoe3), “HowISee”, and “Toney Heart”; don’t seem to understand that the Facial Recognition Software they’re using, to make outrageous and unsubstantiated claims, is well known to be COMPLETELY INACCURATE!!… yes, Microsoft’s “TwinsOrNot.net” website, being used by the Sandy Hook HOAX Group for “Face Matching”, is a simple demo product coded in four hours… it “only seeks similarities between faces”, and it CANNOT even specifically detect twins!!…… once again….. YOU LOSE


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Avielle Richman Is NOT Lenie Urbina, PROOF, Happy Birthday Gift

2016.10.18 (AE) - This video provides a detailed overview of the “Avielle Richman Is Lenie Urbina” claim promoted by the most prominent Sandy Hook HOAX Group members; Dr. Eowyn, HowISee, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer, Jonathan Reich, LivingOnPlanetZ, Max Resistance, Nick Kollerstrom, NoDisinfo, Professor Doom1, QKultra, Swansong, Toney Heart, ZeeRoe3, and Wolfgang Halbig; this is followed by **EXCLUSIVE 100% PROOF** that Avielle Richman was a real girl who did exist… therefore these people have LIBELED and SLANDERED both the Richman and Urbina families to an enormous degree, and in my opinion, they all deserve to be sued for DEFAMATION...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Purple Van, CIA & Marines PsyOps Specialist & Friends Run DISINFO

2016.10.8 (AE) - This video discusses the origins of the DISINFO surrounding reports that the "Purple Van” being searched for by police, in relation to the Sandy Hook event, was tracked to a “Mossad Safe House” in Greenwich Village New York… the originator of this DISINFO was Gordon Duff, Veterans Today Sr. Editor, ex US Marine, self described “CIA Agent”, and "PsyOps Warfare Specialist”… his unsubstantiated information was then promoted by people like Jim Fetzer, TNN, and many others...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Wolfgang Halbig's CSP & FBI Law Firm, Crumbie Law Group

2016.10.4 (AE) - This video explores the origins of the law firm Wolfgang Halbig chose to represent him in Connecticut… the Crumbie Law Group (CLG), founded by Andrew Crumbie, ex Connecticut State Police (CSP) veteran, and ex FBI Task Force Agent, was built upon defending Police Officers in legal cases...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; 'No Internet Activity', HowISee FAIL, Wayback Machine For Dummies

2016.10.2 (AE) - This video describes how the “Wayback Machine” actually works, and how it’s COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for it to provide ANY information WHATSOEVER about “Internet Activity” at ANY location, including Sandy Hook Elementary School… this video also shows a brief history of where this DISINFO comes from… intelligence agent Jim Fetzer… this illustrates how ignorant and uniformed late comers to Sandy Hook, like “HowISee”, will simply repeat other people’s complete DISINFO without doing any proper research of their own...




SANDY HOOK COVENANT; More **NEW PHOTOS** Inside & Outside School, Christmas 2011

2016.10.1 (AE) - This video clarifies some clear DISINFO produced by the YouTuber “HowISee”… most importantly this video shows **NEW PHOTOS** from inside and outside Sandy Hook Elementary School just before Christmas of 2011… more PROOF that the school was FULLY operating...