SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Avielle Richman Is NOT Lenie Urbina, PROOF, Happy Birthday Gift

2016.10.18 (AE) - This video provides a detailed overview of the “Avielle Richman Is Lenie Urbina” claim promoted by the most prominent Sandy Hook HOAX Group members; Dr. Eowyn, HowISee, James Tracy, Jim Fetzer, Jonathan Reich, LivingOnPlanetZ, Max Resistance, Nick Kollerstrom, NoDisinfo, Professor Doom1, QKultra, Swansong, Toney Heart, ZeeRoe3, and Wolfgang Halbig; this is followed by **EXCLUSIVE 100% PROOF** that Avielle Richman was a real girl who did exist… therefore these people have LIBELED and SLANDERED both the Richman and Urbina families to an enormous degree, and in my opinion, they all deserve to be sued for DEFAMATION...

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