FASCISM RISING; America, 'You Want To Change The Whole Mood Of This Country Have A Couple Terrorist Attacks', TERRORISM AS TECHNIQUE

"I want to quote David Simon, former reporter, he's the creator of "The Wire" on HBO... he likens this, not only just to try to find the needle in the haystack, this is trying to identify the needles before they're placed in the haystack." - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek [PreCrime - Joel]

June 15, 2013 (AE) - No one is questioning that the supposed "NSA Whistleblower" Edward Snowden just happens to be a Libertarian, one of the main target groups of the IRS Scandal?... or that the story broke from Hong Kong just as Obama was meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jingping to discuss Cyber Warfare??... or that the recent terror attacks in Boston and Woolwich have been blamed on "Self Radicalization" via the internet??? ... sorry, I don't believe in coincidence theories.

Coincidence theories like Lee Harvey Oswald just happened to be a Communist???  Well let me correct that, Oswald was a completely FAKE Communist, who's persona was created by the CIA as part of their covert "False Defector Program".

The same Fascists who created the bogus "Communists are everywhere" AKA "Red Scare", of 1919 to 1920 and the late 1940's through the 1950's, are the same Fascists (ie, NeoCons, and now NeoLibs) who have created and perpetuated the bogus "Muslim terrorists hate us for our freedoms and want to kill you and your family" AKA "Muslim Scare" starting with the completely CIA manufactured "911 Terrorist Attacks" of 2001 which were supposedly carried out by evil Muslims, most of whom were brought into the US by the CIA, trained at US military bases, had US government issued credit cards, were on the US government payroll, and were all likely CIA assets.

The statement in the video below, "you want to change the whole mood of this country have a couple terrorist attacks go off", perfectly describes the purpose of allowing and/or manufacturing terror attacks... it's an excuse to "change the country".... from Freedom to Fascism.

2013.6.14 'You Wanna Change The Whole Mood Of This Country Have A Couple Terrorist Attacks!' (There It Is!) (PBS, MOXNEWS, youtube.com):


June 14, 2013 PBS News

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