SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Norwalk Project Safe Neighborhoods Announced 2012.12.12, Mass Shooting Two Days Later (Post201)

2020.12.12 (AE) - This blog Post201 is the REBIRTH of a very important video… below is the original blog post description, original link, and new video files...

2017.3.8 (AE) - Adam & Nancy Lanza were “Informants" on criminal gang activity in Norwalk Connecticut, these activities involved drug running and gun running illegally modified weapons… the Federal government’s "Project Safe Neighborhoods" (PSN) program is designed to target EXACTLY those areas using “PSN Anti Gang Task Forces” comprised of; Local Police, Connecticut State Police (CSP), the BATF, DEA, and the FBI, all operating under the Department Of Justice (DoJ). This video shows the City of Norwalk's announcement officially joining the Federal "Project Safe Neighborhoods" (PSN) program on December 12, 2012… two days later there was a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School…

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), Connecticut:


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  1. I never looked much into Adam's GPS tracks. The destination where he ends up, do you know exactly what was there? If he really was moving firearms in and around the summer of 2012, it would line up with the NPD's reason to want PSN after all the spring/summer shootings in Norwalk.

    I also saw the images of the Latin Kings arrest. I remember when "Fast and Furious" came to light and the sweetheart deal between the ATF/high government and the Sinaloa Cartel was exposed. Funny enough, the only allied criminal organization with the Latin Kings is the Sinaloa Cartel.

    Also convenient how the introduction of PSN allows for all of what goes on to be put under the secrecy of federal organizations like the FBI and DoJ whereas if it had been just the responsibility of local/state enforcement, it would be subject to public viewing (most of the time). I just find it hard to believe a mother like Nancy and a kid like Adam are running guns to gangs. But then again, no one would suspect them to be doing such things.

    As someone who's late to your work, I appreciate these Rebirths greatly.

    1. Hi XAITREYA,
      This is the short version… Nancy Lanza’s “54 Pages” of personal gun records that no one was allowed to see, including the investigators(!), were hidden because they were confiscated and deemed “Grand Jury Material”… this proves that Nancy's personal gun records were DIRECTLY involved in at least one Federal “Grand Jury” criminal investigation, possibly more… Nancy purchased all of her guns from Riverview Gun Sales, and that store was known to have MANY guns go “missing", or mysteriously “walk”… Riverview Gun Sales was also part of the BATF’s “Undercover Storefront Operations”, which was essentially the domestic version of the BATF’s “Operation Fast & Furious”, so they were involved with intentionally allowing guns to “walk”, via “straw buyers”, and into the hands of criminals under the direction and authority of the BATF.

      Nancy Lanza comes from a military / police family, and she had been dating a man who worked for InfraGard, on record… when Adam was kicked out of high school, for reasons they’ve kept secret, he then started frequenting online gun forums and asking extremely suspicious questions regarding advice on ILLEGAL activities, which he did NOT actually require in the real world (see my video)… the location Adam was driving to in Norwalk was doing ILLEGAL conversions of guns into FULL AUTO and then selling them to street gangs like the Latin Kings, and they had direct links to White Supremacist groups… the largest gun bust in Connecticut history involved all of these EXACT same parties.

      There’s much more to support this theory, and it’s only a theory, but the history and documentation fully supports it.
      Merry Christmas,

  2. Hi Joel, I'm really enjoying your blog. This is one of the few places that I've seen any sensible information or theories about SHES. I am almost %100 certain that the Bushmaster was modified for full auto. With a little research I was able to confirm that the XM15-E2S is DIAS-ready, (most AR 15s are not) which may have been motivation to purchase that particular model. This would account for the volume of shots fired and also the constant jamming of the rifle. It could also account for the delay in the background check for purchase.Equipped with a DIAS the Bushmaster would be exactly what Obama kept calling it; a machine gun. The illegal DIAS would have been the impetus for the ATF's involvement, as just owning the DIAS (even without owning a rifle!) constitutes illegal possession of a machine gun. I'm sure you know some of this already but I have not seen anyone talking about any of it. The outcome of this scenario is that (if I am right) "common sense gun legislation" would not have prevented this shooting. Anyone willing and able to go through the trouble (and legal danger, risking major federal prison time) of obtaining a DIAS will have no problems finding an AR 15.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      It's nice to get a comment from someone who's actually thinking about possibilities.

      For a number of reasons myself, and others, believe Adam had a suppressor on his AR as well... I created a video in 2017 showing the "over gassing" blowback from a full auto AR with a suppressor... the "white powder" results looked almost exactly like the unexplained powder seen on Adam's AR... unfortunately that video is no longer up, so I need to rebirth it at some point.

      Since you're interested in the firearms aspect please check out my videos on the Glock (Post5, Post144), and the NOT registered (illegal) Shotgun (Post96, Post97)... I also have a series of videos on "late shots" heard in the official audio recordings long after Adam was officially dead.