ALEX JONES EXPOSED; 'Dark Sky’ 90% WILL DIE!!, Secret EMP Satellite Weapon, Distraction For Trump

2017.8.15 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones is back to his Y2K level of FEAR PORN… he’s now promoting “Dark Sky” fears of a massive power outage across the US due to a super secret "EMP Satellite Weapon” that he claims the super evil “Commies” of North Korea have installed on their satellites… AJ has NO proof of this ridiculous theory, yet he is willing to call for PREEMPTIVE NUCLEAR WAR in order to destroy this invisible menace… like during Y2K, AJ is intentionally attempting to create MASS PANIC, this time to distract from Trump’s very serious, and TREASONOUS, legal issues which show collusion with the Russians...

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