SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Jim Fetzer LOSES In Court, Defamation Lawsuit WON By Lenny Pozner (Post107)

2019.6.18 (AE) - This video is **COMMENTARY** on Jim Fetzer LOSING in court today… Lenny Pozner WON his DEFAMATION lawsuit against Fetzer, and against Moon Rock Books...


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  1. Imagine, being paid to run hoax stories, to have your name dragged through the mud as a "conspiracy theory nutcase", to lose court battles, possibly even obtain a criminal record, and to be proven wrong by some dude with a blog. Joel, you said that you believe hoax pushers are paid by some government entity to obfuscate the truth about certain events. But being one of these paid hoaxers is literally a figurative death sentence in forever being known as "one of those tin foil hat nutjobs". How can anyone believe these people willingly destroy their image for some government money (that most likely isnt even in the 6 figure range)?