Caliberhitter FAIL DOXING AryanEmpires As Joel Bevacqua DJ Deadly Buda, Trollop Rullez, Jack Blood (Post213)

 2022.7.25 (AE) - Forwarded emails of other people named "Joel" to Jack Blood AFTER my article was ALREADY published are NOT my responsibility, and it’s VERY irresponsible of Jack Blood to share PRIVATE emails with known online stalkers. Jack Blood owes DJ Deadly Buda an explanation, and I’ll be contacting DJ Buda to let him know all about this.

The email presented as “evidence” also appears to be edited (the time is removed and the text is partially missing or smeared), it's total FAIL, but what else would you expect from the perennial FAILURE name CaliberShitter?


  1. Hey Joel, glad to see youre still alive. It seems like you still live rent free in these wannabe AJ minds. Speaking of AJ, hes getting battered in court. Wonder if any new details on SH will come of it. Have you listened to the tapes of AL being an anti-natalist? It lines up with the stuff he talked about during his phone call to Anarachy Radio. Crazy to think its almost been 10 years since it happened. Anyways, hope youre doing well.

  2. Hello Joel, I was wondering where you had found the Nancy Lanza ATF Form 4473 For AR-15 Gun Rifle Purchase, as it is not within the final report. Much appreciated.

  3. Joel Im so glad your alive!!! Its jack From Truthfulradio, Do you have any of your old archives of the Jones thretening Dice masonically?! Please lmk and get back to me asap my email is thejackanthonyshow@gmail.com I started a new podcast on rumble. Hope to hear from you long time no talk brother!!