TED BUNDY# 6; Lived At Same Address As Military Intelligence Agent (CIA, USAF, USDS) (Post178)

2020.6.18 (AE) - This video discusses Ted Bundy’s links to a US Air Force Military Intelligence agentBundy lived at the same address as a Military Intelligence officer who appears to have worked for the US State Department and was likely also a CIA agent… and these important facts have NEVER once been mentioned in a single Ted Bundy documentary???...


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  1. Hi Joel,

    For an Aryan website you don't talk too much about the jew world order agenda and white genocide.

    Is there a separate link where I can see that content?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      That's because this is not a pro Aryan website, and I don't believe in those two things you mention, quite the opposite... that's why my symbol is "REICH WATCH", because it's the new REICH which is in control (always has been) and instituting outright Fascism as we speak.

      The "New World Order", as promoted by Bush, of the Nazi Party financing family, is the "Rebirth" of the Catholic REICH as a totalitarian One World Empire.

      I support free speech, so I believe people with your opinion should have the right to express your views on ALL social media platforms... that does not include insulting me on my own blog however, just saying.