SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Two MISSING Cell Phones, Kaitlin Roig's FEAR, Pings, Apex Glass Search (Post168)

2020.5.3 (AE) - This blog Post168 is the REBIRTH of a very important video… below is the original blog post description, original link, and new video files...

2017.7.19 (AE) - This video shows **NEW & EXCLUSIVE** details about TWO MISSING cell phones at Sandy Hook… that’s right, according to the official reports TWO cell phones somehow went missing and were NEVER recovered (or were they?)… Room# 12 teacher Kaitlin Roig was concerned that “the shooter took her phone”, and this resulted in her cell phone being pinged, multiple times, followed by a search of Apex Glass, and a residence next door… so who took TWO cell phones, and why???...



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  1. Somehow, I managed to post this comment on another one of your videos, so will repost it here since I had meant to comment on this video:
    Excellent job on the cell phone videos. It's one of those topics that while curious, didn't seem all that important, although I was always confused why in report #00014533, it said they assigned Sticca "... to coordinate with Mark Libby, R.N. EMT-P, Senior Regional Emergency Coordinator, Region I, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In coordinating obtaining cell phones from the providers of cell phones lost in the incident by teachers xxx and Kaitlyn Roig. ... I was able to speak with xxx and assure him of the efforts by Apple to provide her with a new phone.”

    Now why would they assign an officer, and also someone in high authority at HHS to replace these women’s cell phones? That's just crazy!!

    PS... I had always assumed the grand parade from the firehouse to Apex Glass was nothing more than a photo op, for sensationalism.

    1. Hi SHHnookered,
      Thanks for reposting here, I'll delete the other one. 👍

      I agree, I didn't see the importance either until I dug into it further... the high level HHS involvement is fascinating... there has NEVER been an explanation of what happened to these two disappearing cell phones, it's simply amazing!

      I've always thought the grand parade looked like a photo op too, but I wanted to be fair... now I'm 100% sure it was done for show.

      Thanks for commenting,