MINDWAR; Jim Fetzer, Michael Aquino, Teenage FBI, Dave Actor, Process Church, Satanism (Post164)

2020.3.28 (AE) - This video discusses links between Jim Fetzer, Michael Aquino, Teenage FBI, Dave Actor; Chaos Magick, Discordianism, MindWar, Process Church, Satanism, Temple Of Set; Adam Lanza, Church Of Satan, Newtown Connecticut…


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  1. Your topics are interesting but you take cannabis !...you are blinded by your interest in conspiracy theories......they prevent you to see the truth....you focus on grandiose affairs to a point where in the end it makes no sense at all.......there is no BIG ILLUMINATI FREE MACON crap....if you start looking at things without this concept you will probably discover that life ain't that spectacular after all......stop listening to these stupid false prophets that influence you.....come back to reality with the rest of us and you'll see. We could see conspiracies in everything from what's going on inside a cucumber company to the 13th floor of some building in Wisconsin.....relax...take your pills and cut the dope......my two cents......but thanks for the videos....it's entertaining anyway.

    1. Hi Unknown,
      Thanks for sharing your distorted opinion which is clouded by strange preconceptions that are NOT true:

      1. No, I do NOT eat, take, or smoke pot... I'm very against drugs.

      2. No, I do NOT take any pills... I never have, and I've never been diagnosed to take any.

      3. No, I've never mentioned anything about an "illuminati conspiracy" in any of my work over many years... no idea where you're getting that from.

      4. My detailed work on Sandy Hook proved, beyond any doubt, that there was a clear COVERUP of the events... that conclusion is based on many pieces of evidence that come directly from the official Final Reports... the main revelation being my discovery of Nancy Lanza's "54 Pages" of personal BATF gun records which were part of an earlier "Grand Jury investigation", and those gun records were immediately confiscated from the Lanza home and NEVER allowed to be viewed by the Sandy Hook investigators, and NEVER allowed to be put into the evidence room.

      5. I do my own research, and I've done so for many years.

      You're welcome,

  2. ""54 Pages" of personal BATF gun records which were part of an earlier "Grand Jury investigation""
    I missed where you established the Grand Jury investigation was BEFORE the shooting. Where did you do that? -Thanks and stay safe.