SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Commentary On New Nancy Lanza ATF Form 4473 For AR-15 Gun Rifle Purchase DELAYED (Post148)

2019.11.16 (AE) - This video is **COMMENTARY** on blog Post147 which discusses the following information…

**EXCLUSIVE** never before publicly seen Nancy Lanza gun documentsBATF "ATF Form 4473" for the Remington AR-15 Rifle purchase shows the transaction designated as “DELAYED” during the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) process… this caused a 14 day delay before Nancy could take possession of the weapon… make of it what you will:

Delayed: The response provided when a possible matching record is identified by the NICS which may require additional research.

Why was this BATF document, THE MOST IMPORTANT gun document detailing the purchase of the supposed ONLY murder weapon in the Sandy Hook massacre, NOT include in the Sandy Hook Final Reports???


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