SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Toney Heart Still Pushing FAKE FEMA Manual, He Wants Your Identity (Post140)

2019.9.3 (AE) - This video is **COMMENTARY** discussing SHH Group leader Toney Heartless trolling video comment sections talking trash… Toney continues to push that the FAKE FEMA Manual is possibly “real", and he tries to lay guilt trips on people to COERCE them into revealing their identityToney wants to know your real identity so his crew can DOX, HARASS, and THREATEN you, your family, and your job… this is a method of CONTROL


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  1. Hey Joel, it's Joel. Remember me? You called me a fascist. Was it you that tried to access my account and tried to make me give up my location? My identity? Never posted again, never signed in to any social media again after that. Why? You made the comment that you know things about the internet. You called me a fascist. You stupid asshole. I say that with empathy. You changed my mind about SH. You exposed so much yet you don't know how foolish you are. Your bigotry is your ticket to hell. I don't say that with malice. I say that with a pleasantly accepting feeling about the laws of nature.
    I have periodically searched you on youtube since your paranoid foolishness and found that you have been banned and banned and banned. You have also become more paranoid on those since banned or unsearchable channels (on youtube). Call me a fascist all you want, I want to see what you discover, even if I think you have been wrong a few times (Prof Doom was not rock solid-that was your lowest point, and it was way lower than the next up - your "proof" was like the Goldsteins CT or the Alien CT or the Lizard People CT or the Bill Hicks CT).

    Conservatives are not fascists. Gore Vidal was the earliest source on that use on American republicans. 60's; firing line; buckley; skull and bones; counter culture exposure; hegelian; 2 steps forward 1 step back; you fool. You have conflated good people with political assholes: GHWB BC GWB BHO/BS (barry soteoro).
    If it was you that tried to access my yt account, I actually am not mad about that. I am watching the great awakening and I started to see it right about that time.
    Yup: q. Bitch. It's real. Joel. You are too serious. You missed the comedy of it all. You missed that all my vids were labeled comedy. You missed that I was surveying, for no one, the whole truther community. I was trying to communicate with the likes of Jeff C. I did and I was dissapointed.
    Joel, the paranoia I saw..... I tried to show you all the problem indirectly. You had to get combatitive with each other... all of you. You all missed the point! Thank GOD for the Army of Northern Virginia. Q
    I remember your fantasies of sucking Muellers cock during the Russia hoax. I saw those vids before you got fully banned, or did you? I really don't know the answer to that question and don't hate me for it. You deserve that boomerang. Even.
    Joel, I tried to get Jeff C and many others to listen to you. My mission on youtube was to be able to discuss things with folks such as yourself, or Jeff C or Peekay, or LordStevenChrist (hahahahahahahaha), or TheOttowaExpositor, or LestaNediam, or JonLeBon, or Professor Doom, or whomever. I also wanted to further understand the psychology of the so called "conspiracy theorist" (yeah we know the origin: C_A).
    Joel, Trump is draining the swamp q. It's happening and I know you want it to happen. Joel, the one thing you miss about SH is that it was done to fuck up the hoaxers. You clarified this without even realizing this.
    SH was intentionally reported the way it was so the awakened would see it as a hoax yet the msm reported it falsely as well. No internet fingerprint? You proved that wrong. Smiggles. Joel, the operation was to confuse the detection of hoaxes. That is all.

    1. Hi Mitch,
      For the record... I have NEVER tried to access anyone's YT account, period... I would have no interest, or purpose, wasting my time doing so.
      I'm not in any mood to argue with you, let's just agree to disagree... I've never even trolled your vids about me, because I don't care, because you have freedom of speech to disagree with me.
      Take care man,