SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Top SHH Group Member Visitor To St. Rose Of Lima Church (Post133)

2019.8.14 (AE) - This video is **MY OPINION** about the recent discovery that a top level SHH Group member has been a visitor to the St. Rose Of Lima Church… this person wrote some of the most preposterous and defamatory articles about the Sandy Hook Massacre, and participated in SHH LIVE Chats where the St. Rose Of Lima Church was accused of putting on “FAKE funerals” as part of their community participation in the “FEMA Capstone Drill”… the words “conflict of interest” come to mind...


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  1. And Sandy Hook takes another strange turn. Pretty bizarre behaviour by folk connected to certain parts of the State of Connecticut, in particular law enforcement and the judiciary. If I was a parent or a relative of a victim i'd be pushing for a investigation into all of this.

    Thanks for the video Joel.

    Frank Jackson