SANDY HOOK COVENANT; UniRock Supported HOAX Promoters Infowars, Flips To Work For Censors (Post89)

2019.4.29 (AE) - This video discusses Montagraph’s good friend UniRock and his strong support for Alex Jones Infowars during their deplatformingUniRock hosted HOAX promoter Rob Dew on his show at least three times in 2018… now, a short seven months later, we find UniRock admittedly working with Anti-HOAX, the very people behind the censorship and lawsuits against Infowars… in fact UniRock is now suggesting the MSM “pay the parents” (preposterous), and he’s even gone as far as to say that those who started and spread HOAX theories should also be sued!! … therefore he's advocating censorship and lawsuits against HOAX promoting YouTubers, which would certainly include Montagraph and his IMS Group friends, yet somehow Montagraph is still supporting this shill who’s working directly with his supposed “enemies"...


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