SANDY HOOK COVENANT LIVE CHAT; Guests Frank Jackson & JFK, Current Events (Post87)

2019.4.22 (AE) - This video is a LIVE Chat with guests Frank Jackson & JFK... we discuss many Sandy Hook topics…

NOTE:  There is some audio background noise for about the first 15 minutes (my fault).


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  1. I think the reference to civilians being allowed in the scene, in the AAR was in regards to allowing an employee that wasn't there that day during the shooting (whom I believe was J.D - the secretary, but I haven't 100% confirmed that yet) when they were requesting records, photos etc from Rooms 12, 10 and 8 to help identify victims. She was given access to the main office area.
    CFS 1200704559 Book 5 00156788
    CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00029067 p. 4-5
    CFS 1200704559 Book 6 00019772 p.3

    I could be totally wrong though and they were referencing something totally different.

    1. The noise was in reference to B.H's call (Plot 3). He included the charts in with both analyses to be used for comparison purposes.

      Also, I absolutely agree with you that something occurred prior to 9:35. That timeline does not fit at all. Especially if Soto's 9 was seen outside at that time. That would imply waaaay too much activity within just a few seconds.

      A mother of one of the victims (J.G) has stated publicly that there were numerous cell phone calls prior to 9:35 but were never received. Also, the Advisory Commission's final report hints at the idea that the main office was NOT the first call, by stating that the main office made their call while police were already responding. I used to think this was all just crap but I'm starting to think that people have been trying to hint to us for years about what really happened.

    2. Hi Sandy Hooked,
      One thing we know for sure... there were MANY other 911 Calls that were NOT provided to the public, we were only provided a limited selection, and even those were deceptively edited........... why???
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