SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Evidence Of Intimidation To Join Group Making Death Threats (Post82)

2019.4.9 (AE) - This video is to document evidence showing that I’m being coerced into joining a group which breaks the law (ie, data theft), makes death threats, and who’s members consist of ex cons, parolees, drug addicts, mental patients, Holocaust Deniers, Nazi Sympathizers, and White Supremacists…


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  1. Hey Joel,

    Hope you are doing well, I really appreciate the effort you continue to put in to document these characters. The after-event coverup to me is a far more investigation than the initial event.

    LP to me is very mysterious. As a father and plantiff in a potential wrongful death lawsuit I cannot see why he would choose to attack someone who shines light on the fact that local and federal governments failed Newton on 12/14/2012 in many ways and may be open to liability.


  2. Joel

    This has to be the strangest comment yet in the Sandy Hook case.

    Frank Jackson