TURKEY COUP; Blamed On US General John F. Campbell, CIA Funded $2 Billion Via Nigerian Bank

2016.7.25 (AE) - This is a VERY serious world event… one NATO member country (US) is being blamed for an attempted coup on another NATO member country (Turkey)… Turkey has claimed Obama and John Kerry knew about the coup, and the actions were carried out by “ex” US General John F. Campbell… Campbell made "top secret trips" to military bases in Turkey, and the CIA distributed $2 BILLION DOLLARS(!!) to pro coup military leaders… more info below…

The Turkish daily reported that Campbell had top secret meetings at the Erzurum military base and Incirlik air base in Turkey, adding that the US general "directed the process of trending / blacklisting the military officers in the base."

According to the paper, "Millions of dollars of money has been transferred from Nigeria to Turkey by a group of CIA personnel. The money, which has been distributed to an 80-person special team of the CIA, was used to convince pro-coup generals. After taking money from their bank accounts, the CIA team hand- delivered it to the terrorists under the military dresses.”

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