SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Federal Grand Jury Indictments For Smith & Wesson Stolen Guns Theft, 2012.12.12 (Post198)

2020.10.17 (AE) - This video shows court documents regarding Federal Grand Jury indictments in Bridgeport Connecticut on December 12, 2012… the charges involved 111 guns stolen from the loading dock of the Smith & Wesson plant, in Springfield Massachusetts, and transported across state lines to Bridgeport by a truck driver for Pace Motor Lines who happened to be a multiple felon yet somehow managed to get a job transporting guns, which no doubt requires the driver to be bonded… the driver and his co-conspirator, also a felon, were charged with multiple crimes including “Conspiracy To Possess & Sell Stolen Firearms”, “Possession Of Stolen Firearms”, “Unlawful Possession Of Firearms By A Convicted Felon”, "Sale Of A Stolen Firearm”, and “False Statements To The ATF"...

I’m NOT claiming this is related to Nancy Lanza’s “54 Pages” of personal BATF gun records confiscated from her home due to “Grand Jury Material”, which were NEVER allowed to be viewed by the Sandy Hook investigators, but this does show evidence of an increase in multi-jurisdictional gun related actions occurring across Connecticut at this time… coincidentally, on the very same day, December 12, 2012, the City Of Norwalk held a press conference announcing they were joining the Federal "Project Safe Neighborhoods" (PSN) program which operates a multi-jurisdictional task force called the “PSN Anti Gang Task Forces” comprised of; Local Police, Connecticut State Police (CSP), the BATF, DEA, and the FBI, all operating under the Department Of Justice (DoJ)


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  1. Sandy Hook happened 8 years ago. Get over it, ya homo.