SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Commentary On Dead Men Tell No Tales, Monsignor Meth Loses A Friend (Post197)

2020.9.29 (AE) - This video is **COMMENTARY** on blog Post196 … that post is a REBIRTH of my 2015.9.26 video discussing the fate of Father Colin McKenna…


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  1. Very nice video, years after the event I think you have pulled together the most coherent picture of why events were so strange around the shooting.

    It makes sense that feds were in damage control mode as they did not want to jeopardize a multi year investigation. I still find it abhorrent that there was an active move to put a spotlight on families as part of the misinformation campaign, but this was likely due to the weapons side of the case (i.e. Nancy's passion for selling many many guns).

    Really good work mate, you have also opened my eyes to the seeming corruption/tyranny of from individuals closely associated with catholic led/catholic adjacent ideology. I am starting to see the picture piece together more and more.