2017.6.30 (AE) - This video discusses the unjust takedown of my previous video due to an erroneous “Privacy Complaint”… some characters discussed will be stalker / troll “Mike BEWB” and stalker / troll “MsCosmosnut”… it seems “MsCosmosnut” has a unique knowledge of Keith Johnson’s every move, yet “she” claims to have no idea that Johnson was a promoter of the “HOLOCAUST HOAX” theory, for a number of years, and he was even e-begging for money while promoting hatred towards Jews, and lies about the MASS EXTERMINATIONS of many peoples by the Nazis



SANDY HOOK COVENANT; FBI Promoted HOAX, Cyber Crimes Task Force Member Viper, Friend Of ZeeRoe3

2017.6.26 (AE) - This video shows PROOF that HOAX / HONR were both working directly with FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force member “Viper”… he was friends with Keith Johnson (HONR), both Moderators of “Truther Wars”, and he was long time friends with “ZeeRoe3” (HOAX), the person who posed as Jonathan Reich for well over one year, and Wolfgang Halbig’s main person running the "Sandy Hook Justice Report” YouTube channel, and various other websites...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza’s Car Stereo Mystery, Clock Was Flashing ’12.14’

2017.6.24 (AE) - This video is self explanatory… 12.14, 1214, 12/14/2012, December 14, 2012… 2012.12.14 was the 75th Anniversary of the German American Bund getting kicked out of Southbury Connecticut by public vote on 1937.12.14… the location of the Nazi Training Camp was in Kettletown, just across the river from Adam Lanza’s house...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Room# 10 Window Mystery, Grey Van Should Have Been Hit With FOUR Bullet Strikes

2017.6.22 (AE) - This video analyzes the infamous gunshots through the Room# 10 (Soto) Window… the FOUR shots through the window frame should have ALL hit the front of the Grey Van at a flat trajectory, yet we have only ONE shot entering a very low part of the bumper… so where did the other THREE shots go???… this video also proves that NONE of the FOUR frame shots, with angles of 50 degrees, could have possibly been responsible for hitting Lauren Rousseau’s Green Car, nor the Blue Car, and therefore MANY more shots must have exited the school, at least 12… there are also other possibilities...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Shooter Was ‘WEARING SUNGLASSES’, Witnesses Say, Adam Lanza's Found In Car

2017.6.19 (AE) - This video shows multiple witnesses stating that the Sandy Hook shooter was “WEARING SUNGLASSES”… one witness even specifies “DARK SUNGLASSES”... this appears to be a VERY SERIOUS problem for those pushing the official story...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; ‘MALE FRIEND’ Moved Out Of Adam Lanza's House Or Neighborhood Before Shootings?

2017.6.18 (AE) - This video shows evidence of an investigation performed by the US Postal Service (USPS) at the request of the Connecticut State Police (CSP) investigators… this inquiry was to gather details about a “MALE FRIEND” of Adam Lanza’s who had recently moved… Postal Inspector Jason Bourdeau was asked to investigate “any recent change of addresses IN or around Lanza’s home address”… the results shown in Sandy Hook Final Report# 00258885 are far too REDACTED to reach any conclusions...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Three Bullet Holes In Lauren Rousseau's Car, Strike BS4 Altered, Other Damage

2017.6.16 (AE) - This video shows 44 evidence photos / pics of Lauren Rousseau’s car in the Sandy Hook School parking lot… Rousseau’s car received three bullet strikes (BS2, BS3, BS4)… it appears BS4 has been ALTERED… note also that the entrance holes into the car DO NOT flare outward… Rousseau’s car also appears to have other fresh and undocumented damage on it…


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Alex Exum's '54 PAGES' Debunk FAIL, CW Wade Joins Alex Jones Pimp

2017.6.11 (AE) - This video shows that CW Wade has become so desperate, because he can’t debunk the “54 Pages” of Nancy Lanza’s guns REDACTED by the BATF from the Sandy Hook Final Reports, that he’s stooped to hooking up with a transcendental psychedelic magic mushroom promoting New Ager and Alex Jones pimp named Alex Exum...


ALEX JONES EXPOSED; JT Ready, PROOF Infowars Supports NSM Nazi White Supremacists

2017.6.10 (AE) - This video shows that Alex Jones promotes ideas eerily similar to groups like the National Socialist Movement (NSM), Nazi White Supremacists, and Infowars has even defended mass murders like JT Ready by quoting articles written by his friend Mike Harris at Veterans Today… also explored are Alex Jones’ links to the John Birch Society (JBS), a Mormon creation, which has many direct ties to the JFK Assassination… and finally, links to Sandy Hook HOAX are explained, and where Donald Trump found his slogan… “America First”...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Body Bag Of Victim Removed From School, Two RARE Photos Pics

2017.6.6 (AE) - This video shows TWO RARE PHOTOS of a Sandy Hook victim being removed from the school on an ambulance gurney / stretcher, covered in a white sheet, or “Body Bag”… this video also demonstrates, once again, that "HowISee" is a very poor researcher, but an excellent shit talker, as he's incorrectly ridiculed photographer JB Nicholas who was on the scene and took these photos...


SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Shooter Was 'MASKED MAN’, Witness Statements, Purple Van, Ski Masks, Nuns

2017.6.5 (AE) - This video shows various news reports, and official witness statements, describing the Sandy Hook shooter as a “MASKED MAN”… police radio transmissions also describe the suspects in the Purple Van as wearing “SKI MASKS”, and possibly dressed as a “NUNS”...