CHARLES MANSON# 2; Bruce Davis Linked To CIA Doctor Alton Ochsner, JFK Assassination, MK-ULTRA (Post199)

2020.11.27 (AE) - This video discusses Charles Manson’s right hand man Bruce Davis and his connection to Alton Ochsner, the CIA linked doctor who ran the Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans...


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  1. I havent investigated JFK's assassination deeply like you have however, I have investigated the N--i's and their occult organizations. The Thule Society, which Hi---r was part of, funded the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei which would later become the N--i party after Hi---r reorganized it. The Cult of the Black Sun, which formed during the N--i rule and was supposedly the brain child of Heinrich and also believed in eugenics.

    Prescott Bush, the grandfather of H.W (former director of the C-A) created Union Banking Corporation to launder N--i money. Of course, all Bush's were part of Skull and Bones whose symbol bears resemblance to the Waffen SS pin all members wore.

    I dont refer to these organizations having to do with N--ism specifically but refer to them as "death cults". They have been around since the days of the Canaanites, whose God was Moloch (the same one at Bohemian Grove, the death cult of Germanic origin).

    I find it funny how elite level individuals who are advocates of vaccines like Alton Ochsner and Bill Gates and the Rockefellers all had family members who supported Eugenics. It makes me wonder...

    Great video, Joel.

    1. Hi XAITREYA,
      That's the kind of EXCELLENT comment I appreciate seeing... you're hitting all the marks with those details... Canaanites were definitely part of the historical chain.