STALKER ALERT; That Time TiffTiff Relentlessly Begged Me To Join Her Community, REJECTED (Post206)

2021.1.26 (AE) - This video documents only part of my experience being STALKED by an online sociopath named TiffTiff since 2015… I’d NEVER join ANYTHING you’re even SLIGHTLY associated with… and no, I don’t want any of your photos or videos...


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  1. Hey Joel! Been a fan of your work since the new Adam Lanza photos back in May '19. I have a question that is not related to this, but it's been on my mind. Since you're such a smart guy and all. Let me first introduce myself, I'm a 18 yr old Columbine researcher living in CT for all my life and this is my 4 year so far studying Columbine. I got into Sandy Hook May '19. Anyway my question is concerning how the other suspects such as Perry, Morris, Stair and Sargent and the adult in the science hall were able to walk free? Were they informants or in the govt? I know that Morris entrapped tec-9 gun middleman Phil Duran in an FBI wire tap call at the field office in Denver, but how did these others guys walk prosecution free? Also another question of mine is that if all these 6 TCM members were under MK-Ultra to do the shooting, would they even recall their actions after the act?