TED BUNDY# 2; Ann Rule Delivered Violent Detective Magazines To Bundy, Talked Profit Sharing (Post161)

2020.3.7 (AE) - This video shows 100% PROOF that Ann Rule personally delivered copies of the extremely violent "Detective Magazines” that she wrote articles for, under an assumed name, directly to her co-worker Ted Bundy.  Later Bundy specifically mentioned the negative influence those violent magazines had on him since he was a child.  Bundy asked Ann Rule to be his literary agent, to “talk percentages”, and she seriously discussed “profit sharing” with him based on the intention of Bundy personally authoring a number of chapters in her book. The covers of the Ann Rule linked Detective Magazines, released BEFORE Bundy’s murder spree, had themes directly related to Bundy’s later crimes and methods. This is, a crazy world…


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