NASA APOLLO MOON LANDINGS; Jim Fetzer Claims Earth Is 50 TIMES LARGER Than The Moon (Post162)

2020.3.15 (AE) - The DISINFO agent Professor Emeritus Ragman Jim Fetzer has inserted himself into the FAKE Moon Landings movement by using his familiar infiltration techniques… this time he joins an established movement, based on the scientific method, and uses his self proclaimed expert “logic and critical thinking skills” to claim that the Earth is FIFTY (50) TIMES LARGER than the Moon, when in fact the Earth is FOUR (4) TIMES LARGER than the Moon… it’s 100% true that the supposed photos of the Earth from the Moon are provably FAKE because the Earth would be far LARGER than what is depicted, however, it’s Ragman’s mission to come in and DISCREDIT this fact by making easily DEBUNKABLE FALSE scientific claims…


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