SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Glock 10mm Handgun Mystery, 3 Bullets Slugs Vs. 2 Spent Shell Casings (Post144)

2019.9.22 (AE) - This video is an **ADDENDUM** to my blog Post5 regarding the Sandy Hook "Glock 10mm Handgun Mystery”… this video shows new evidence countering the official story which claims the Glock was ONLY used for Adam Lanza’s SUICIDE… in fact, the evidence clearly shows the Glock was shot at least TWO other times previously, once in the Hallway, and once in Room# 10, leaving the crime scene SHORT one 10mm spent shell casing which would be required for the THIRD and final SUICIDE shot… in addition, Exhibit# 7 in the Hallway, which appears to be a 10mm bullet slug matching the nearby 10mm spent shell casing, was **NOT PUT INTO EVIDENCE** , and therefore it was **NOT PROPERLY EVALUATED AND IDENTIFIED** ...


2017.12.14.3 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; **EXCLUSIVE** Glock 10mm Handgun Mystery, Bullets Vs. Spent Shell Casings (Post5):



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