SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Faulty Animation To Coverup CW Wade's Room# 10 Window Errors (Post143)

2019.9.16 (AE) - This video is my **OPINION** of a video titled "Sandy Hook Animation”, created by a Columbine Massacre official story pushing fanboy, which was uploaded just two days after my Room# 10 Window Mystery (Post142) video criticizing CW Wade’s FAULTY room diagram and CONTRIVED ballistics testing… the video description clearly stated that his “MAIN SOURCE” was CW Wade’s blog… that linked reference was DELETED within two days… it’s my **OPINION** that this very ASSUMPTIVE and INACCURATE animation was commissioned as a quick response to COVERUP CW Wade’s ERRORS, also known as the official storyline PROPAGANDA


2019.9.8 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Room# 10 Window Mystery, Bullet Entrance Vs. Exit Holes Strikes (Post142):


2019.5.18 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam Lanza's Shotgun Had Victim’s DNA, Location & Timing Discrepancies (Post97):


2019.5.11 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Adam & Nancy Lanza Had TWO Saiga 12 Shotguns, NOT Registered (Post96):



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