SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Columbine & Sikh Temple Links, HOAX LIARS Protecting Nazi Killers (Post128)

2019.8.5 (AE) - This blog Post128 is the REBIRTH of a very important video… below is the original blog post description, original link, and new video files...

2015.9.9 (AE) - The following **EXCLUSIVE** research shows links between the Sikh Temple Shootings and the Columbine Massacre… the Columbine Massacre and Sandy Hook… and also the Sandy Hook Massacre and the Sikh Temple Shootings…

There are a number of striking SIMILARITIES between these events, but, more importantly, the DIRECT LINKS between each event are shown… and these links revolve around a network of Nazi White Supremacists involved in illegal bomb making, weapons sales, and "Domestic Terrorism" in the form of…….. MASS MURDERS.

Also explored is the "HOAX Meme" crowd… infested with, intelligence agents, "ex" cons, "ex" military, Nazi Sympathizers, Holocaust Deniers, RACISTS, and White Supremacists, all working in a "PROGRAM" designed to INTENTIONALLY confuse and mystify their audience, for the purpose of covering up REAL EVENTS perpetrated by their fellow White Supremacists.



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  1. El Paso-

    3 shooters dressed in black turn into 1

    Fort Bliss less than 5 miles from Wal-Mart

    Gotta be a coincidence.

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      These are facts that can NOT be disputed.

    2. Classic Fascist Scapegoating ala Adolph and Thugs, no doubt. Amazing Links AE! DURING THE COLUMBINE MASSACRE. You forgot "Current Criminals" in your list! ;)
      Psyop Specialist, eh? 4/20. These Facts cannot be ignored. Incitement, Sedition, Treason used to censor legitimate 1st A. protected Speech. NOT HATE Speech. 12/14/1937, Southbury Bund Exodus. Urgent indeed! Battalion 14 MI? with links to WS. and Frames Shitxer, "Prof. Smellitus" I'll bet! White Multiple Shooters. No mask found. Man in woods with mask and gun in camo. Dressed as Clergy. They will kill you from their Purple Van and that alright with them. Smoking Thule van report....Hmmm. Ben Swann needs to do an update!! :) Doom on Parole. Now in Prison in MT. State nonchalant about Doom's hoaxerism? How come? Vids flagged 1 million times on youtube. They ignored it. How come?

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