EL PASO TEXAS WALMART SHOOTING; Commentary On Strange FAKE Witness Phone Call LIVE On NBC (Post127)

2019.8.3 (AE) - This video is **COMMENTARY** discussing blog Post126 which showed RAW footage from the NBC News LIVE stream covering the El Paso Texas WalMart Shootings… the anchor accepted a phone call from a “male" witness named “Diego” at 2:11 PM (MDT)… it turns out this person's long, complex, and RACIST story was a complete FABRICATION, and it ends with “him” insulting the anchor… the question is, who would waste their time fabricating this detailed story, and for what purpose?...


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    1. Hi She's Not There,
      That was my instant reaction too... no person would do this, there has to be a purpose.

    2. FFS! WTH? #stiritup2020HATE Any way to trace that "live Call"? I wonder what Anchor was told to do or not do or say about it? Any follow-up in the "Chaos of the Aftermeth"? Looks like we have become "Neighbors in Bizzarrotown" my friend.Fluke or Fate, we both Hate HATE. Love Matters. RIP Massacre victims any may their loved ones find positive ways to Cope. Looks like these joaxster meme peeps have ruined Real Protected 1st A. Speech with a Very Wide net of "censorship". True Crime youtubers being hit hard with a load of B.S. "Lists of forbidden words". However, if they are lawyers/LE/Shrinks discussing current true crime trials, ect. with "analysis", not so much. Super slippery slope and "they" allowed it. Congressional Hearings after almost 7 effing yrs? Tell me I'm not crazy because hardly any Pros give a flying Rat's ass if and until, it's Their Kid. Who is the "New ATF" Director now? Heh heh. Only the Best Non-Person? Excellent Work. Wow. Cummings' "Home Invasion"? I guess "Old Dominion" wasn't enough to convince him to STFU! Brave Man. We need true Bi-Partisan leadership, ASAP. Dumptruck's Croc tears ARE Fake GNUS and FAR FAR Too late.
      Best Regards!

  2. I live near aurora. Do you think that was a false flag? Do you think the strange behavior of witnesses shows they were plants?

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    I studied the Aurora case in depth at the time... my conclusion was that James Holmes was targeted by outside forces, likely during his mental treatment, and he was then put under their control and / or influence... there are many odd things about the case, his mental break, his lack of memory, and the complex explosives trap setup in his apartment which was supposed to be triggered remotely.
    The witnesses interviewed who were active military did not come off as believable to me, but it's just my opinion.

  4. Ah yes. Holmes' "interrogation" tapes now available on YT. Disturbing, yet, not much there for HOURS! Creepy Sirhan Sirhan feel in my Spydee Senses....Read transcript of Sirhan's last Parole Hearing. 90 yr old JFK staffer, Paul Schrade telling the Board where to CRAM it!! William Pepper, Esq. is brilliant! He won MLK family Civil case on Conspiracy theory. RIP RFK's G-Daughter. "Curse VS. Lack of Candor"? Toxic lies can and do Kill, imho. See: Jeremy Richman. Outrageous.