TURKEY COUP; Three Bombings By PKK In 24 Hours, NATO Terrorism Increases

2016.8.18 (AE) - This video provides information about THREE BOMBINGS which have occurred in Eastern Turkey in the last 24 HOURS… these TERRORIST ATTACKS are assumed to have been carried out by the PKK, and they’ve specifically targeted police officers and police stations…

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  1. Hello Is there a way to Email you, I have some information you may like to add to this series that will shed some light on a lot of your questions that you may not know about, cause all the info you have is from the western media. Look up who Omer Halisdemir is, basically he is one of the main reasons the coup did not take hold, cause he killed one of the head snakes, Semih Terzi (who happened to be in charge of the boarders of the SE where isis and PKK/PYD/PYG had free rein) as he was trying to take over special forces. It is and was a HUGE blow to Gulen and the coup. Turkish investigators are coming up w/ more and more proof daily. example "Dalaman airport" why was there several google hits on in from england days before july/15? that is the tiny airport Erdogan had his plane parked while on vacation, which a another plan happened to be parked by (the 2nd plane was swiss or sweden registered but chartered from the USA, 5 ppl regestered to get off that plane but all video is missing from that) investigators suspect the commando team was going to either kill or kidnap RTE, if kidnapped the plane would be filled with money so it would look like he was looking for refuge in a foreign country after stole from Turkey, to discredit him in the Muslim world. There is so many many more things going on. Oh and that the pilots that were raining bombs on civilians (Feto Gulen's Pilots) were also the ones who shot down the russian jet days before the USA and Turkey were to go into syria.