TURKEY COUP; ’The Coup Are On Our Side’, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, ‘BLOOD BORDERS MAP’

2016.8.23 (AE) - This video provides information about Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, US Army (Ret.)… during an interview with FOX News, on the night of the failed Turkey Coup, Peters claimed that “the people staging this coup are the GOOD GUYS”, also, “Erdogan is NOT our friend”, and, “god BLESS the coup”, and finally, “the people staging this coup are ON OUR SIDE”… also discussed is Peters’ infamous “Blood Borders Map” (2006), redrawing the Middle East, as well as his infamous article “Constant Conflict” (1997), in which he gleefully promotes PERPETUAL and ENDLESS WAR…


1997.5.8 Constant Conflict By Ralph Peters (US Army War College Quarterly, Parameters) (carlisle.army.mil, informationclearinghouse.info):


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