SANDY HOOK COVENANT; New Helicopter Footage, Police Dogs Searching Woods, EMS Tarps In Parking Lot

2014.12.10 (AE) - The following video shows helicopter footage from News 12 New Jersey… this is footage I don't recall seeing anywhere before, so I'm sharing it here.

It shows police staged at the north west side of Sandy Hook Elementary School, near the wooded area… the police appear to split up to perform a search of the woods, using a police dog K9 Unit.

Later in the video you will see the school parking lot area showing the EMS staging tarps… there is no indication of a time stamp for when this video was taken, but there are possibly important things shown for researchers to discover.

This is unedited footage that contained no sound track… any sync with my added music is by pure chance.

**WATCH AT 720P HD**


Adam Lanza
Camo Fatigue Pants
Emergency Management Services (EMS)
EMS Tarps
Helicopter Footage
Nancy Lanza
Peter Lanza
K9 Unit (Police Dogs)
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook Hoax
Sandy Hook Massacre
Sandy Hook Truth
Second Shooter

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