SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Expunging Adam Lanza, Pediatric Records Immediately Seized At Danbury Hospital

2014.12.5 (AE) - The Pediatric Records of Adam Lanza were seized from Danbury Hospital, and already onsite at Connecticut State Police (CSP) 'Troop A', within 7 hours of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School… yet far more vital information; like tracking down a suspected "Second Shooter", a possible friend or accomplice; those phone records, that would help track & trace such a person, those records were not requested to be secured with various telephone companies for TWO MONTHS AFTER the shootings, and it was ANOTHER TWO WEEKS LATER before those telephone companies even responded…

In the meantime, phone threats were being made to St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, and later Head O’Meadow Elementary School, with the culprit claiming to be a "friend" of Adam Lanza wanting to "finish the job".

It appears that Adam Lanza's pediatric records were of the highest priority for CSP 'Troop A' to secure at their offices…

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8th Grade (2005)
Adam Lanza
Bomb Threats
Bruce W. Cohen (Dr., Danbury Hospital, Pediatrician)
Catholic Church
Catholic Pedophile Priests
Connecticut State Police (CSP)
Danbury Hospital
Head O’Meadow Elementary School
John Castaldo (Catholic Priest, Chaplain, Father, Reverend)
Nancy Lanza
New Age
Newtown Connecticut
Pediatric Records
Peter Lanza
Phone Records Preservation
Phone Threats
Report# 00033992
Report# 00259480
Ryan Lanza
Sandy Hook Hoax
Sandy Hook Massacre
Sandy Hook Truth
Second Shooter
St. Rose Of Lima Church & School

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