WAR ON SYRIA; John Kerry In Moscow, Russia & US Cut Deal To Throw Assad Under The Bus?

May 9, 2013 (AE) - I now quadruple the stance of my previous article, that Russia will abandon Syria at its greatest time of need, or already has.

It was very telling when Russia made a noticeably weak statement, in defence of its supposed "ally", when condemning Israel for its completely unprovoked and illegal bombing of Syria over the weekend.

So we're supposed to believe that Lavrov, Putin, and the rest of the Russian military, are so incredibly stupid that they have no idea about the origins of this so called Syrian "civil war"... that the entire conflict has been a foreign invasion by terrorist mercenaries that have been armed, financed, and supported, by NATO and the Gulf State Monarchies????

Various aspects of this meeting show that Russia is completely subservient to the US... so this entire press conference was nothing but political theatre.

2013.5.7 Russia & US To Pressure Both Sides In Syria To Find Peace Deal, Lavrov (RT, youtube.com):


Russia and the US reiterated their commitment to bringing the sides of the Syrian conflict to the negotiating table, and have announced an international conference to be called by the end of May which will serve as a follow-up to the Geneva communique.

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