FASCISM RISING; Britain, Severe Austerity For Subjects, 5 Million Pound Pay Raise For Tyrant Queen!!

May 9, 2013 (AE) - This year the UK taxpayers will provide a 15 percent pay raise of 5 million pounds, for a total of 36.1 million pounds, to support their occupying tyrannical German Queen, Elizabeth II (Saxe Coburg Gotha).

Apparently the Crown Estates' profits of 240 million pounds per year was not enough booty, a pay increase was required.

The dark ages continue...

2013.5.8 Queen's Speech; Monarch To Get Huge Pay Rise As Brits Tighten Belts (RT, youtube.com):


The UK is staying committed to measures that reduce the country's deficit - the British Queen has laid out her government's agenda for the next year.  In her speech she said it will work to promote a fairer society to reward those who work hard.  However what may sound a little unfair for austerity-hit Britain, is the news that the royal family's set to get a 5-million-pound pay rise.

2013.4.4 Queen's Pay Rise At Expense Of Public (PressTV, youtube.com):


An analyst describes the Queen's pay rise as inappropriate, insensitive, callous and completely out of touch with reality as masses of Brits suffer economic depression.  In the background of this the British people may face a triple-dip recession in the near future as many now battle daily to cope with immense austerity pressures imposed upon them by their government.  It is at this time that the yearly sovereign grant for the Queen that is also used to pay staff and maintain palaces of the royal family, paid by the British tax payers, has received a hefty rise of five million pounds per year. 
Press TV has interviewed Rodney Shakespeare, professor of binary economics, London about this issue.

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