FASCISM RISING; America On The Brink, Left Wing Vs. Right Wing Dialectic Ushering In Tyranny (Post177)

2020.6.13 (AE) - This video discusses how Fascism is rising rapidly in America today… the Left Wing vs. Right Wing dialectic dance is nothing more than a smokescreen to distract from the tyrannical rules being imposed under “Emergency Powers"...


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  1. Hi Joel,

    The "bureau of land management" is the noi with better marketing and white members. Imo, kkkandblm are 2 sides of same coin. While Kenny Z was busy using a copier to make flyers to promote hate the group blm was busy getting ivy league educated and learning how to manipulate public opinion using data surveillance, cyber stalking and doxxing. ProfBlkTruth and TariqNasheed channels-I've been watching for 2 yrs. I remember when the professor said an enemies database was needed. Not sure if those guys are controlled opposition.their motto is B1 first.

    1. Hi Terri,
      I believe they finance and control both sides, and they're using the dialectic process to move society towards what the REICH wants, not what either of these sides believe they're fighting for.

      They're encouraging the children to fight so they can institute new totalitarian rules which will limit ALL of our freedoms.


  2. one more thing:Gen Honore was on cnn expressing his anger over national guard helicopters being used on protesters at Lafayette park. He said it was outrageous since some of the protesters worked in the buildings around there. So I wondered did he mean capital or the octagon (word substitute) perhaps?

  3. Black Lives MATTER

    Intelligence MATTERS