TED BUNDY# 4; Closeted Gay Homosexual Who Hated Women? (Post172)

2020.5.25 (AE) - This video shows documents from the Ted Bundy police investigation files which indicate Bundy had a history, supported by multiple eyewitness testimonies, suggesting he was very likely an extremely closeted gay homosexual man… the evidence indicates this started when Bundy was very young…


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  1. Hi Joel,
    I hope you are well.
    You did a great job researching this. You are a true journalist. I listened to that loli interview you did when you did it. That was great too.
    I stopped with sh as I realized a few of the parents just aren't looking for the truth or justice but they do want their agendas.
    Also it's depressing just talking about this stuff.
    I came back now because I was curious what the familial relation was to a recent crime. I see you said the relation was the uncle.
    I didn't comment on YT because I don't want the hassle if you know what I mean.
    Tell philby, Frank and JFK I said Hi.

    1. Hi Terri,
      Thank you very much... I understand what you meant about SH being depressing, for many reasons.
      Take care,