SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Manfredonia Family Links To Adam Lanza Family, NHS (Post174)

2020.5.31 (AE) - This video discusses the Manfredonia Family links to the Adam Lanza Family and Newtown High School (NHS)... all information is from mainstream media reports and court records...


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  1. Nice work bro, a very prophetic attempt at a race war going in our current times. Always good to take the mind off with an intellectual topic like this.


  2. Hi Joel,
    I needed the Manhands association video about 5 years ago, lol.great video. It truly bugs me that his story was never questioned by the media or explored. So the reference of a cover up In Peter's apartment photos hmmm.

    On the Floyd murder
    I'm rather concerned the right wing ws channels are taking the side of the person murdered. I find this odd. They usually always take the cops side. I find it hard to believe they have changed their racist ways. I'm guessing they are using the protesters to fight their war on the government and the protesters are too naive to figure that out.