SANDY HOOK COVENANT; CIA Cult Falun Gong Buying Trump Election Ads, Sent By Heaven (Post138)

2019.8.29 (AE) - This video is an overview of a recent NBC News article regarding the “The Epoch Times” newspaper spending over $1.5 million for about 11K Trump election ads on Facebook, second only to the Trump Campaign itself… it’s my opinion that this requires an immediate **CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION** … the reason I say this is because “The Epoch Times” newspaper is owned by the dangerous fanatical religious cult Falun Gong, which works closely with the CIA, and the US Department Of State (DoS), to run destabilization campaigns inside China… more importantly, the National Endowment For Democracy (NED), via USAID funding, supports Freedom House, which in turn supports Falun Gong, which in turn finances their “The Epoch Times” newspaper, which in turn does ad buys... in this case they’re supporting a specific candidate and party for President… essentially you have US government funds being funneled (laundered) towards a specific Presidential candidate using a radical Chinese doomsday cult as a proxy, which has to be **100% ILLEGAL**


2019.8.20 Pro Trump Conspiracy Theories Pay Off For Anti China Group (Rachel Maddow, MSNBC):


2018.7.9 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Dr. Eowyn’s Links To Falun Gong, 2012 Apocalypse, End Of Days, New Age Doomsday Cult (Post52):


2018.3.30 SANDY HOOK COVENANT; Falun Gong Email Threat To Wyoming Senator, Claims Adam Lanza Part Of Doomsday Cult, Bloody Celebration Disaster (Post31):



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